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I have some regulars from 5 + years and there is no contempt. EOM
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you always hear..familiarity breeds contempt..do you think that truism applies to us in the hobbyworld? or just to other aspects of our daily lives..

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So I always council newbies to see many different gals even if you are really hung up over just one gal.

You can always go back to see her, and when there's a wait of a decent interval of several weeks, the session will be that much more enjoyable.

repeatedly and I've only become more comfortable with them.  Of course, in this hobby, I guess that if there was a chance for contempt down the road, I'd just not see the lady again.  The old saying has a lot to do with spending a lot of time with someone and eventually learning all the things about them which may be the opposite of what attracted them in the first place.  Generally, we don't spend that much time with providers, and we can all be our best for an hour or two.

Dear Ms. Kelly:
Although you would contest that familiarity would breed comfort in your case, would certain clients know what upsets you and know how to work with in the parameters of your personality with respect on knowing when they are treading lightly on certain subjects?  Also have you ever went through any trial and errors socially, and have they ever taken you to a point but then held back when they see their almost about to alienate you? Although you have unique and special relationships with your longtime clients, I am sure that just as well in your civilian life you do go through some ups and downs.

As said, I also have a regular I have been seeing now for almost 6 years, wow...lol...and I don't feel that way, I actually care deeply for him and he for me. I think its just the opposite at times, we build a bond that is better than any married couple would have.

i still love reading your posts!

I don't believe the negative saying originated as an observation of human interaction.  It can apply to a job for instance, or other mundane repeated activities, but  in my experience the best hobby experiences have always been with those with whom I became familiar.  Familiarity in a sexual union brings comfort, knowing, .... a social relationship that would in normal circumstance be enjoyable and wanting to be repeated....

If familiarity is the source of contempt in your relationship.....you need to change partners as the chemistry is missing.

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