also can some body tell me why
Pavliena See my TER Reviews 1994 reads

code for TER on  or  OFF not working when I trying  add it to site ?? it is always shows off i jus copy and pasted what they TER says .. what to do >> can somebody pass here working code  for site ? thanks

Detailed guidelines for posting provider ads on TER are listed below.  TER staff  may, at their discretion and judgment, remove any ads that in their opinion do not follow these guidelines.


Provider ADs cannot be posted by anyone other than themselves or their agency/booker/assistant.

Providers may advertise duo sessions with another provider, but should post their individual ad and then 'reply' to their original ad post.  Do not link to another provider's ad/website.  This should not be used to promote an 'event' or Meet & Greet.

Ladies, do not ask guys to post ads for you—it only gets them moderated.

Ads and promos for providers who have been delisted or banned from TER will be removed.


Providers may post one ad thread per 7 day period.  Our system will automatically reject an ad posted less than 7 days prior to the previous one (date/time is checked) /p>

The "one ad per 7 days" rule means you can post one ad per week on one board here at TER. You cannot post the same ad on two or more boards in the same week.

The only exception to the above rules is - when touring, providers may also post one ad per week on the board for the city they will be visiting to announce their visit. The dates of the visit should be included in the subject line of the ad. This ad should be city specific.

Agencies/bookers/assistants must post ads for any lady featured on the agency's website, under the agency's user account.

Escort agencies and bookers/assistants may post one ad thread per 7-day period per region they serve. For updates or for posting information about multiple providers that work for the agency, or the bookers/assistants represent, please post to the agency's/booker's/assistant's current ad thread.

Agencies: If you want to post an ad for an indie you book for, that provider cannot already have an ad posted on the TER discussion board within the last 7 days.

Providers: If an agency / booker/assistant has an ad posted for you, you cannot also post an ad under your personal user name in that same 7 day period.

Posts regarding contact info, availability, schedule changes, new website announcements, or new pics all count as ad posts. Updates may be added as posts to the original thread during the 7-day period.

Posts cannot be made, as an ad, to promote a Meet & Greet or any other event.

Help us keep it fair for all by reporting violations of the ad post limits via Report a Post


Ad posts can only be posted on the Regional Ad board that is closest to the area serviced. If you post an ad on the Regular Regional board it will be moved to the Regional Ad discussion board.

Ad posts are not allowed on any national boards

Porn Stars - advertise on the Porn Star Ad board

Transsexuals - advertise on the Transsexual Ad Board

BDSM advertise on the BDSM Ad Board (if you are an escort and your menu includes BDSM, you should post on your Regional Ad Board; not the BDSM Board.

Porn Stars, Transsexuals and BDSM can post visiting ads on the appropriate Regional Ad Board; this is not your home city board.

Providers may reply to ISO posts (In Search Of) on any board, provided that their reply post includes a valid link (see Guidelines for Ad Postings below).


Provider ad posts (and ISO replies) must include a link to either your personal website, your TER review profile, or directly to your ad on an escort mall.  This means that EVERY ad post, in order to be posted, MUST list one of the above three types of links in the "Link URL" field when creating the post. If the "Link URL" field is left blank, the ad post will not be approved.

If you include a link to your personal site in your ad post, your personal site must follow the PERSONAL SITE REQUIREMENTS FOR AD POSTING  below for your ad post to be posted.

Agency ad posts - Whether the post is for an individual provider who works at the agency or for the agency as a whole, the post must include a valid working link to the agency's website. If the link included in the agency ad post is to an individual provider's page on the agency's site, that page should also contain the REVIEWED AT TER emblem / link or a TER Banner, as discussed below.

Your contact information must be on the web page that you link to. This includes your stage name.

Please do not include your TER rating or TER position within Top 100.

Providers, please do not reply to another provider's ad.  

Please do not type ads in ALL CAPS.

You may not link to a provider ad that is hosted on another escort review site.

*:•.★.•: *:•.★.•:¸.•*´¨° °•★•° °❤❤❤❤@#@#@*~*~*~* Symbols and CAPS (except where grammatically correct, examples: DC, GA, VIP) are NOT allowed in the subject line of an ad post. Please keep the subject line neat and tidy. *:•.★.•: *:•.★.•:¸.•*´¨° °•★•° °❤❤❤❤@#@#@*~*~*~*  
Acceptable for subject line: -  . ?, / and ! These should be used within reason no !!!!!!!!!! or ...........for example.


When linking to your own site in your ad posts,  your site must have either the REVIEWED AT TER emblem / link or a TER banner. This is also required for your link to ISO if using your personal website.

  • The emblem or banner MUST link back to TER when clicked on.

  • The emblem or banner should be located on either the first page of your site or the "main" page of your site. It should be viewable in a 1280x800 screen without scrolling. The enter/exit page, if a popup window, is not the main page. If you are linking to a different page on your ad, that page needs the Logo also.

  • The emblem or banner should be easily located when someone is looking at your page. Do not hide it or list it far down on the page.

  • The emblem or banner needs to be full size and unaltered.

To receive the REVIEWED AT TER emblem / link please submit your site in our Site Reviews. During the application process for Site Reviews, the code needed for the REVIEWED AT TER emblem / link will be emailed to you. Click HERE for information on how to submit your site to be listed in our Site reviews.

TER banners can be found HERE

By participating in the discussions on TER discussion boards, you can greatly increase your visibility and give potential clients the opportunity to get to know you better. You may include your link in messages, (except if you start a thread, the link is not allowed in the OP), you contribute to on any TER discussion board, that does not count toward your ad limit.  In fact, you are encouraged to include your link, because it helps everyone get to know you better.  Just please make those linked messages meaningful, entertaining, or helpful contributions.

I just read your guideline and I will try post within the guideline.  I have been a member of TER for a while and just started using the boards.  Great resource..  If I make a mistake .. just let me know.  I am getting the hang of it!  

Thank you,

Im not understanding what you mean by logo. I have the ter link on my website I have a host for my website & where the location of the ter logo is the only place I can put it. Please help. Really not understanding lol. Im too use to aes & ev, expanding is diffucult lol.

Apollo-x3720 reads

See the link.

Just so you know, all of those funny looking symbols are not allowed either. I automatically reject those.
What you need to do is to read the posting guidelines. It will help in getting your ads up in timely fashion.

PS: I put your ad up this morning with a link to your reviews. You can use your review link until your website is compliant.

Ive been using the same link since I started here and now its not approved?

Now my name has to be on the first page? I dont see that in the guidelines for posting an ad..

Reason: The attached link in your post does not meet the requirements for submitting an ad on TER boards. At a minimum a site should list the provider's name, their contact information, and the TER emblem / link on the main page or the 2nd page of the site.

Help me understand why all the sudden Im denied my ad.


sassysusan303 reads

Can you please explain to me why my ad can not be posted. First it was the title with the capital letters. Then the date in the title. I fixed all that. Then it was Me not being able to post without another site with "reviews" Now that I fixed all that. I asked for help in the forum somewhere and someone mentioned putting images on just to upload photos on my ad. So I did just to upload my photos here. Now your talking about my images and the banner on 2nd page. Was it due to the edited name on my photo? The photo I tried using first was edited with my name on it. I uploaded a new unedited photo with no edits at all whatsoever. Still not letting me post my ad. What is the issue now? My ad mentions nothing about services nor rates. I am not understanding this, as I seen several other ladies have rates listed as well as their names edits on their ads. Hell, the person who has the photo up when you first log on for being the 2016 member (whatever) the ad is for has a name edited on her photo. Why am I not able to post? No offense or disrespect but your site is not "newbie" friendly at all. I've been trying to post this ad for over 2 hours now.

cuco9192015 reads

My ad came back as " Not allowed" for not having TER emblem on my site...I do have it ????? I do post on a regular basis and allowed to do so ...

Thank you ,

Our webpage is updated we have no reviews as of yet
is this why we are moderated and posts not showing?
Did everything guidlines ask . Did we miss something?

kay2day2474 reads

i put your banner on my website the link is

can i post on the boards now?

MsMinxx2062 reads

Just changed my website. Tried to add TER stamp, finally figured it out. Wondering what the problem is now??

I read the rules and believe I'm following all of them. Why are my ads unapproved? Please help.

Hi I am a new provider currently utilizing Backpage. My website is a blog/wordpress. I have tried posting ads but they were not approved.

Does that mean I can't post an ad because I use wordpress? I am new with no reviews. So how do I advertise myself here?


I have added the TER banner logo to my website per your rules please ck it and approve my current Ad

Thank You

Kimmy Sugar (Cookie)
Do You Want a Bite?

I have pasted 3 separate banners on 3 separate pages of my site and it still hasn't showed up or shows a red X where the banner should be. If someone could please assist. I have copied and paste several times.

Just a quick question about advanced travel ads.

If I want to run an ad in my city/region, I can post to a city I will be visting, so can I post an ad in the city I am visiting while I am there? If so, do I need to wait 7 days to post that ad? Trying to see what the best way to get the most out of the ad.



If you are touring, you can post an ad on that regional board, but only once every 7 days.  You can't post additional ads while you are there, unless it's been 7 days since you posted the last ad.  

Suggest you post 7 days before visit, then post first day you are there, to comply with TER ad posting rules.


i do not understand y my posts are not being allowed. i thought i could only post in ad boards once avery 7 i posted in the in search of forum and it still isn't allowed? I am so lost on this site. super confusing.

ebonyrenee1994 reads


ive added the banner to links park on my site.


Kat_RT2462 reads

Why was my ad recently removed after it had been approved and was up for three days?

Good evening,

I have posted a visiting ad for New York city and has been rejected,  Would you please explain why.  Thank you,


the ter banner is on my page ..... im confused ?

I dont understand why i cant post an add for the girls. Im on the site and have the TER seal on the site. Please let me know what i have to do to post the add. Cant understand the rules of you guys.

Im not a guy im one of the girls Julia, please let me know what to do.

Thank you

I am sorry. I am working on learning how to use the site better.

I don't understand it the last one I just kept it plain with a couple of words still not approved I GIVE UP

same with me, much trouble

Posted By: katrinakovell
I don't understand it the last one I just kept it plain with a couple of words still not approved I GIVE UP

My personal website is not ready yet. In the ad posting guidelines it says we can put a link in from an escort mall? Would Cityvibe or Eros work for this requirement?

Since I am new, what else do I need to do to be able to post an ad.

I also want to know how TER members can write reviews for me. I just saw one today.

Hi - I tried to repost after my original ad was denied, but my ad was denied again!  Is it because my original ad was just a few days ago?  I understand the time limit rule BUT, my new ad should be allowed because my original post never went up and I added the TER logo to the page that the link points to.  Please help!  Thank you!  Betty

tell me what was wrong with my 2 posts that they not allowed ?? I can not understand please advise thanks Serafima

code for TER on  or  OFF not working when I trying  add it to site ?? it is always shows off i jus copy and pasted what they TER says .. what to do >> can somebody pass here working code  for site ? thanks can I add my link review to an ad? At the same time that will help me post an ad....thanks

Could you help me to figure out how to add pictures in my ad. I am totally confused on how to due this.

You can upload images to  and use their jpg link

The TER ad logo is on 4 pages on my site, how many more does it need to be on ?

It is full size and unaltered.

I've never had ads taken down for this because I have the logo.

I am putting together a travel schedule for the rest of this month and next month, and being newer to this site, I was looking for a bit of advice.  

Since we can only post one ad a week, when would be the best time to post my ads?  I will be visiting a different city every weekend for the next 6 weeks.  I was thinking about posting my ads for my upcoming cities on Mondays.  This way clients would have all week to view my ad before actually being in their city.  This gives them time to set up appointments and whatnot.  Am I on the right track thinking this, or does anyone have any other advice?

What do I put in the picture url?

I am wondering the same thing??? Did I miss something?

Posted By: ClassyAndSassy09
What do I put in the picture url?

If I post a ad on one board and another ad on another board because I am on tour is that not allowed? Can someone please tell me and explain so I make sure my ads go up when I am submitting them. Thanks so very much.

My board post was just denied and I don't know why. I have followed the guidelines. I just had a post a little over a week ago that was denied and when I questioned it, they said it was a mistake and accepted it. This is getting to be very inconvenient. I've already sent one message asking why the current post was denied with no response. Can you please help me?

okay i have posted under porn star this week but it says The only exception to the above rules is - when touring, providers may also post one ad per week on the board for the city they will be visiting to announce their visit. The dates of the visit should be included in the subject line of the ad.

so my question why am i not allowed to post as i have entered the date in my subject line under vegas ????

Trying and trying to get this note explaining my goof!!! Maybe you have rec'd about 10 such---LOL
Don't know why I could not see the SEND button before now????

I am visiting VA for a couple of days and I posted an ad on the board, so I decided to stay longer so I went on the ad to change dates and it said "You are not allowed to modify" so I went back to post another ad since it did not let me modify and my ad did not post and the sent me the ad posting guidelines, What am I supposed to do?

karina try posting a comment under your ad saying your extending your trip.I dhis before on one of my tours and they allowed it

Same issue exept I need to change the link of my ad.  I know most people won't mind clicking on replies but clicking on a reply and ten redirect thats a bit confusing.  Why can't we just change/edit our original ads? This would be easier TER don't you think?

I am somewhat confused about what I'm doing wrong. I replied to a thread posted and after adding my message I put my personal website URL in the right area,and my personal website also has a TER logo on the first page so after reading the guidelines for posting replies,I still don't see why I was denied. Hopefully you can help me resolve this so I may reply to discussions and get myself out there more! Thanks for your time!

I wish I could help you but I can't because TER does the same thing to me.  Every time I post a non-ad discussion, they deny it and I never understand.  TER logo is on my first page and I have several links to TER and TER WhiteList through other pages.  I was even denied to the "providers only discussion board".  I keep asking them why and TER staff will say it looks too much like an ad (even though all I said was thank you to the gentlemen I've met in the past) or I didn't post enough on the regional board (there's nothing I can do when I'm from a state that's not very active and when I try to post a discussion it gets denied anyway).  If somebody else can help katielynn07 and I, I'd truly appreciate it!!    

-- Modified on 2/2/2013 1:18:50 PM

mzholy81428 reads

how can i post an ad ??

Just wondering if we (TS Porn Stars) can have the option to advertise on the regional porn star board as opposed to the regional transsexual ad board...

wranciarp1560 reads

Hi everyone!

I'm intresting in:
isabella soprano anal porn,
free anal porn only best porn,
anal porn trial membership credit card.

Any ideas?

Hello, i am trying to post my provider ad and i cant get my picture URL link to work, i have tried multiple image hosting sites (photobucket, Flickr, ImageUpper) and none of them work, every time i try to upload it, i get an error message on TER that says the link is not valid. Can someone tell me what a good image hosting site is for this?  

april991227 reads

I am completely new to doing this on my own....I do not understand what I have done/not done to have my post denied...I would appreciate the feedback so I can make this work .... I look forward to hearing from you...


-- Modified on 6/24/2013 9:10:11 AM

but unable to post ads each keep geeting - not allowed
can you some how send linke needed to here instead of my email

thank you and hope im not causing a headache

VMaddy1250 reads

I cannot seem to figure out where my TER review profile is so that I can link to it.
Can you point me in the right direction?
Thank you VERY much.

how do i link my pictures on the ad board? and why am i unable to edit my post?

why are my ads saying not allowed

UKSBsTom1018 reads


Can you tell me why my last posting was not published please?

I dont understand why it was not publisged? You emailed me lots of different reasons a posting would not  

Many thanks

I accidentally posted after 5 days, not 7 and the ad was not allowed. Today would be the 7th day from the first ad. May I post now, or do I wait a week after the second attempt?

I must be an idiot, because I still can't figure out how to post an ad on here.  I see all the guidelines, but no actual instructions for posting the ad. Help!

Arora1047 reads

Yep me too at a complete lose help please how do u post an ad

brankob962 reads

Hello...please tell me can I...and how I can post my imagehost?

JessicaHavyn955 reads

I am a little confused. I posted my ad earlier today and it went active. Then I looked a little while ago and it was not allowed. So I changed it up a little and posted and it is still not allowed. I'm so confused, I read through the requirements again and it seems to abide but HELP!!!! :)

Jessica Havyn

What is the right size for ad board photos to post as large as possible? Dimensions and pixel size please.  A 2002 x 3000 pixel image when posted (by a lady from her android phone) is tiny, am I missing something? / Can I buy a clue?

I have been trying to put up and ad and keep getting a message "The TER logo is missing from the site linked to in your post" but the banner logo is right there on my home page!

I would really appreciate some help :) I have tried to post my ad multiple times. At first I was having problem with the photo URL. I have that figured out, but now I am wondering why my ad still is not up? How long does it take to get approved and posted? If my memory serves me correctly it never took this long in the past.
Any help or guidance is very much appreciated!
Thank you!
Kiera King

Hello admin,
Banner of TER you can find on my site in the section links and my partners.

Hey there, I'm not sure what I did wrong but I've met all the above requirements and have never had a problem posting. I travel and use TER very often and have never had a problem. Please let me know what I need to fix in order for me to be able to post. Thanks!

tatilove886 reads

when can I get cleared to post an ad

I used Postimage and got all kind of URL and tried all and still my picture is refused,how can I place a photo properly in my add?

Id like to know the answer to this question

I'd also like to know the answer to this question, I'm stumped

Hello Admin,

I am confused as to why my ad keeps getting denied I have looked at my past ads and others and would like to know exactly what I have done wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have a Ter seal on the front page of my website..I even linked the URL to my Ter profile instead of my website.  Thank you, Sweet Deann

Every time I make an ad...then reply to it (with an update) WITHIN the 7 days allotted within the posting rules...does my new Ad get rejected for: 2nd post in 7 days? The last time it happened it was corrected...but today again? Do the people approving these ads not know the rules? Sorry I'm just frustrated because I'm following the rules & it's becoming such a hassle & time consumption to post on here. :(

Dear Admin,
I am trying to post on the Tennessee and Minnesota ad boards but they are being rejected??? I have the TER banner places on my home page as well as the second page. I just placed yet another TER link and it was still rejected??? Please let me know what I am missing here...

Thank you,
Sexy Sasha Ray

My ad/website meet all requirements and nothing ;(

I noticed there hasn't been a lot of posting on the ad board today so just curious if anyone else is having the same issue?

Could it be because I posted the words "GFE" or "specials" in the subject?  


I am having trouble with posting ad in regional broad

Hello there!! I've had several ads not approved for various ads. I'm submitting yet another and I think I have it down this time however, Imy having a hard time locating how to posthe pics with my ad. Is this done after approval? Please help!!

Im trying to post ad in iowa on here i do the whole thing and at the bottom where u are supposed to put the link to ur ad i did that i have ads on diff sites and i tried them both and they both got not approved i dont know what to do can u please help

I have not changed my logo and now even added an extra logo and yet the last few times I try to post you guys deny me, I have to reach out to support wait several hours for a "you are now active" well why does it keep happening then? Please fix as you'll see clicking the link I have multiple ter logos

I have tried to add the URL like you requested but it says the URL is not valid.
Also the website on my profile is out of date so when i link it to the review the info is wrong

Good Morning  
I know it says one thread every 7 days. But does that include touring posts as well? Or can i post again once im there? Since i posted a prebook touring ad will i be able to post once i arrive?
Thank you

Shayla187 reads

I really don't see why my board post keep getting denied. I literally copy and paste from a board post that was already accepted!!!!! And it really doesn't give me a good reason on my it was denied it just says read the guidelines...

How do I add pics to my posting?

Was posting in city I plan to visit I thought that was allowed?

You're better off reaching out to support directly. From what I can tell the folks with the real power to remedy things like this aren't spending their days trolling through the boards looking for lost sheep.

What if you're on the edge of two regions? Can you not advertise in both regions? That doesn't really make much sense considering I see equal numbers of clients from both regions.

I' m fairly certain I'd enjoy being on the edge of two of your regions. 😉

How do I post pictures? I see several ads where the providers have pictures in them, but I can't figure out how to post them on mine.

Thank you

Here's a thread where that was explained very well by Impposter. Good luck, come back if you have more questions.

Hey girl, you can upload your images to and use the top url link that will be located next to your image once you upload it. When you copy that url & go to post it on your ter ad, be sure to clear out the original "http://" that is already there before adding your link, otherwise your link will not work and image will not show. Hope that helps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Have an amazing day!  

Laney Luvs Ya!

Never before I have been rejected on a ad in Los Angeles for not placing visiting dates its always been my city.

I would like to know how to edit your own posts?
what is the point of making an ad you cant edit?

You have about a 3 hour window to make edits, then it goes hard, so consider what you want to include carefully before you post.  To edit, click on the "Actions" button to the right, a drop-down box will appear and offer "Edit My Post".  Once the time limit is expired, that option goes away.  You can post a new ad every 7 days On The Dot!

Say's that I can't post my ad because I already posted one in 7days but I am touring and i am trans and I thought that I was able to post in the trans provider ad category as well as posting in the nyc ad category because I am touring NYC and have also put the dates listed in the ad title stating when I was touring NYC

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