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Top 100 list has no real value. AGREED
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A top 10 or 100 or 200 list based on numbers that come from averaging their review scores,  Is total CRAP.  First of all it seems a pretty common practice for new ladies/girls to get a friend or someone to write (plant) a top notch 10/10 type review, to attract biz.  Add that to having very few other reviews and her average score puts her on the list.  

Top lists based on averaging scores hold ZERO value!


Hi Folks, I haven't posted on this particular regional board, so hello to all.  I just returned from a 4 day business trip to Costa Mesa, and I figured it would be great to organize some companionship during my stay.  I searched for OC providers and found many that appealed to me, but only those offering outcall would work on this trip.  I contacted about 10 ladies and only 3 even bothered to reply.  I made 2 dates, lots of confirming emails and some phone calls ahead of time, and had 2 no shows.  So what's up?  Is the scene in OC that bad or was I just unusually unlucky this trip?

I knew the OC board was dead, but apparently so is the Provider scene - next time try SD or PHX - the women rock!  Or PM me for ladies I know will always show.

It's pretty hit or miss. I'd just recommend you either drive up to LA or have someone based in LA drive down to visit (most will because it's so close).

I can not speak for other providers, I am home based out of San Diego and do not mind traveling to OC or LA. I am exotic, mature, and would never stand my date up. Sorry this happen to you, better luck next time ;)

xoxo Jezebel

...the ladies take note of this post in the OC. It only hurts their busy when hard working men travel to OC on biz and then look for after hours companionship. I guess this goes along with the general overall attitude of women in the OC. Take note girls!

Sorry but I believe if you do your homework & research the providers prior to play pick a winner someone on TER's Top 100 list more towards the top good luck in the future


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The list only reflects average score reflective of total number of reviews. There are some girls on that list only  ranked higher than solid professionals because of the  high scores given to them by reviewers with no history or very little history and because of the few total number of reviews. Always research the reviews and reviewer. Buy your VIP membership and read the reviews, look back thru the pages to make sure there are no red flags or signs of sporadic service.

A top 10 or 100 or 200 list based on numbers that come from averaging their review scores,  Is total CRAP.  First of all it seems a pretty common practice for new ladies/girls to get a friend or someone to write (plant) a top notch 10/10 type review, to attract biz.  Add that to having very few other reviews and her average score puts her on the list.  

Top lists based on averaging scores hold ZERO value!


I usually book in advance of my trip. That has worked for me.
There are many OC ladies that are terrific.

LA and San Diego ladies frequent OC as well.

Next time, book in advance.


You're welcome to view my profile & reviews.

Good luck on your search...

Lick, Lick,


I will be the first to admit that OC ladies are a little more UTR. BUT there are wonderful ladies here. In fact I have a few ATF's here and I will say things are starting to look up in OC. And if you are in costa mesa MANY lovelies near the airport!

I guess I get spoiled when my drive is 5 min or less. Nothing better than a nooner at noon!

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The gorilla in the room is that another local board has a lock on the OC ads. This local board is run by a bunch of leeches that use their little board to get freebies and exercise their Napoleonic complexes on both the johns and providers. They allow pimps to run wild even after the poor service is outed,if you try to post publicly that you had a bad time or that when you walked in the girl was high as a kite that she was not even aware you were in the room; they just delete the post. Good luck with reviews on their sister site; if you post a negative review of a girl that is protected by the site admins; it will be deleted. It has to be one of the worst local boards I have ever come across in a decade plus. And always check to make sure that the girl is not charging you the TER tax, they seem to charge us TER johns almost double because we can speak intelligently and for the most are upright walking members of the species. I do not advocate joining the other site, do use the sister's site to check pricing and buy the TER VIP membership. Get White Listed here and tell them you are not going to pay the TER up charge.

If so, it really is bottom of the barrel.  Honestly, I wouldn't even recommend that they play the haggling game with those ladies - unless you are into the swap meet scene.  You get what you pay for and bad business practices are bad business practices no matter what the industry is.

Someone else mentioned that a lot of the ladies here are more UTR... that is true.  The good news is that if you meet one good one she usually knows others.

Happy hunting!

Wal Mart may have the item that you looking for but, in the end you always have to deal with Wal Mart. Is it worth the discount?  

I say NO! Don't drink the Cool Aid!

Well said! And always continue to do your homework!  =)

That other place is crap.  I agree 100%.  Run by bullies!  They use it to attract new ladies to their pimps and to bully anyone they can.

I disagree with your opinion of a TER tax/upsell.  If you do your homework, I think you will find that most of the ladies were on TER and other sites at their decided rate!  And when they joined that bottom-feeder site, they were bullied into offering discounts, reduced rates, and even  freebies.  Hence the lower rates you see there, and choose to demand.  I think you will find most of the gals also provide a lesser service to the cheap ass bullies from there!   You get what you pay for.

What you call the ladies TER taxing the guys.  I call paying the lady her full rate,  and getting yourself her 1st class service.  

What you see as her real rates, are really the rates for a stripped down, wham bam, get'em in & get'em out service.  You get what you pay for!

Guys do not beat a lady down on her rates!  Shop for ladies in a range you are comfortable paying.
You'll get a lady who is happy to be there, and happy to make you happy.  


I need a like button here. hehehe



Hi Folks,
When I started this thread I wondered if anyone would respond, so thanks for all the advice and comments.  For the record, I am very well versed in using the wonderful resource we have here in TER.  I started my search for OC companionship a solid month before my trip, there was nothing last minute about it.  I used the advanced search feature to find just those providers who met my parameters and who I thought would be a good match.  I sent out a whole bunch of emails politely introducing myself.  Of those, I got very, very few responses.  I scheduled 2 dates, about a week in advance, and reconfirmed as time approached with more email exchanges.  One of the girls is an LA girl who agreed to travel down to OC to visit me, with a reasonable travel allowance added. She is extremely UTR. (no new reviews in 2 years).  The other has lots of recent reviews and is a local OC girl.  So I felt fairly confident, as these things go, that I would enjoy some companionship.

Both girls cancelled at the last minute claiming they had some family/personal emergencies.  I do understand that stuff happens.  The first cancellation notified me at noon of our evening date, so I knew in advance. But the second, a girl who promised to call me in advance and who swore she was always on time, never called.  So I waited around in my hotel, having showered and prepared and taken my vitamin V.  No show.  Later I learned she had emailed me to cancel, about an hour before showtime.

I have had very good luck in LA, PHX and many other cities.  Also had my share of no shows.  This just seemed particularly disappointing getting 2 in a row. Thanks again for all the helpful comments.

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