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Need Your Guidance..............Road Trip Dilemma!confused_smile
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I don't get away by myself often -- maybe once a year for a week by myself.  I've met and had two overnights with a phenomenal young lady.  We've already worked out details, and she will join me this summer for 4 days as I head off to a company convention (yes....everyone I work with will be there).

Details so far:

-- we're flying in separately from different cities
-- big age difference (i'm 58, she's 25). Oh...I'm vanilla, she's chocolate.
-- every hotel in city is booked by my company. However, I'm staying at a boutique hotel about 20 miles outside of town.
-- going to probably one of the LEAST Romantic cities in the U.S........Milwaukee.

My dilemma:

-- nights are not a problem. But what can I do to keep her entertained the rest of the time. Last thing I want is for her to start counting the minutes until she can leave.  

Some ideas I've had:

-- Reknown Strip Club (Silk) that we can visit one night
-- Invite another provider to join us for an evening (challenge.......not a great inventory of ladies in Milwaukee. Sorry ladies....but if you have any recommendations please let me know)
-- Indian Owned Casino
-- That's about it!

Chicago is 90 minutes away, but I'd prefer not to spend my time in the car. And as far as my activities....I could care less about attending any company meetings. I'm there to play, not work.

Any suggestions? Help here or PM if easier

but there could also be shopping malls.  Spring to let her get a car and have some fun shopping.  Also, I can't imagine that a city like Milwaukee won't have some interesting diversions like museums, etc.

I've taken along gals to business conventions in the past and never had any squawk from them about finding ways to stay busy during the day while I do my buisness.

If you are there early June don't miss Summerfest Take in a spa get a complete massage for the two of you . Everyone loves a nice poolside with a fancy cold drink . There are some fabulous steak houses in WI
and  Milwaukee is known for its famous breweries and you can take a riverwalk boat tour and see them.
Milwaukee art museum has some great art. Pabst theatre also has live music ( you have to be a serious music lover to go) and I believe you might find a comedy show there too. Good luck in Milwaukee !

Angela is correct the Milwaukee Art center is great its on the lake front and you can walk along the lake front, see if you can go sailing, and ultimately stop in to the Harbor House Restaurant for good seafood.  Also Our Zoo is quite nice.  There's the Brewers but this year you have to go to Miller Park for the Beer and Brats as the Brewers are have their difficulties (something of an understatement)

Jerry of MKE

BELIEVE ME..they will find a way to stay busy..they always do..a hotel with a pool is mandatory..they LOVE to shop..set a limit..they love to jog..exercise..gambling is an option if she enjoys it..i know one thing..she will not sit in the room all day waiting for you..it is a sort of getaway for them..a mini-vacation..she will take full advantage of it..she sounds very special..treat her that way..ladies like her are very rare..consider yourself very lucky..she is too..

You are so kind. This is why I treasure this board. Ask a question...get an answer with respect and dignity.

Not a bazooka to the balls.

So thank you.

I'm actually going the 3rd week of July.  Brewers are on the road. Summerfest is over. Zoo is a great option....

Might have to spring for her a car (we're staying in Delafield...20 miles out of Milwaukee). Nothing there to occupy her....gotta get into the city.  

And....as I said.....I'm not doing anything. I'm prepared to blow off the business side completely to spend time with her.

I found a neat little site with all kinds of info on Delafield. It looks very charming!

On their events search, I found:
Jul 20 Comedy & Magic Show at Summer Stage of Delafield
Jul 21 Delafield Farmers Market
Jul 21 Sizzl'n Summer with the Sociables!
Jul 21 Irish Music & Dance at Summer Stage of Delafield
Jul 25 Delafield Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours
Jul 27 - Jul 29 "Once on this Island" Musical at SummerStage
Jul 28 Delafield Farmers Market

How about a picnic/bike ride? Or a little hike?

And here's the Delafield tourism guide online:

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...most providers whom I have taken on biz trips relish the time away from kids/homelife/biz and find plenty of other things that they would love to do during the day, while away from home. And they seem incredibly "refreshed" after a day alone...

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Milwaukee is actually a great city.  Lots going on.  Depending on her and your interests:

Brewers Game
Always something at the Pabst Theater
Milwaukee Art Museum
Jazz in Cathedral Square Park on Thursday evenings
Lots of great home-grown breweries.  Try the Lakefront Brewery

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