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My summer vacation comes early when is yours
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I always head to Tenn to visit my family just before hurricane season starts in Florida. Been doing this for years so I know my plans won't be disturbed. My house is surrounded by 100 year old massive oak trees that one day will crash. Hope this won't be the year.

Who else is taking some time from their everyday life this summer ?  Do you do something special and different each year or enjoy quiet peaceful times with family like myself ?

Sorry to those who worried about my being missing in action and not mentioning ahead of time.

Kisses Haley

So I go to Texas at least once sometimes twice a year. I only have my immediate family here in Georgia with me. I also always try to take a vacation to beach during the summers. I enjoy going to visit my family, but I don't consider that a real vacation. It is a great getaway and nice to see everyone, but I also need a real vacation! I think I'm gonna head to the beach and the next few weeks!

It's a day drive (8 to 10 hrs). I take my time and enjoy the journey. The days of hurry up, got to get there are over for me. I no longer get in a hurry. Every other year I spend a quiet week in the North Georgia Mts.

Seemed a little too quiet not reading your board posts lol!

"The Summer of Adventure".......

My 15 yr. old son and I are going on an adventure this summer.
We are going to backpack the App. Trail from Ga. through NC and into Virginia beginning in June.
Then we head out west to hike/camp in Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain National Parks in July and August.
Then we head to the Black Rock Desert, Nevada for a week on the playa at Black Rock City, for The Burning Man Festival.
Then after a stop in Tucson to visit my daughter and grand kids, we head home via Big Bend National Park along the Rio Grande in Texas.
We will be gone from early June through early Sept.

It's a bit adventurous, but you have so few opportunities to bond and connect with your kids that when an opportunity presents itself, you grab it.

Wish me luck!!!!

I am a stay at home mom with lil 1, so we travel to good resorts with awesome pools.  Leaving Tucson now driving to PHX, then LV to Marina Del Rey, CA.  We just did Palm Springs too!

I have never took my child to HI & am going to book the new Disney Resort this summer this should be a real blast!
Great post.

We enjoy visiting with our children and grandchildren during summer vacation.

Ahh yes vacation.

I always like to start by going to lip locks.

Then ascending the twin peaks of mount Ta-Ta
to the firm summit
always a treat. .

I then like to meander my way south to Cooch Valley.
There I’ll linger at the entrance for some time enjoying
the sweetness of it all. Then entering its beauty.

My vacation is not very long, and does often come to soon
However I do enjoy the journey.

Thank You
2012 = 69

still focused on who I will try to connect with when I return in the fall. Internet is sporadic at best so I only get to TER about once a week.

Play safe everyone.

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Hi Haley,
I'm on and off again (no pun intended???  LOL)  Hope your plans work out well for ya and your house is still standing for years to come.

Now, no more M.I.A.


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