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I like seeing touring providers
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many come from neighboring states, so if I want to see them again, it's not a problem for me, since I travel a lot on business.

How many of you seek out touring providers for your playtime? I seldom see a lady that is touring. Because if I really enjoy her company I will almost always want to see her again and I am selfish. I don't like to have to wait till she comes back to town to see her again. It may be a couple weeks or a couple months before she gets back. And of course if she has a good reputation and reviews she will be in high demand while here which also means I would have a hard time scheduling my preferred appointment . Of course I realize that some areas don't have the plethera of ladies that we have in the Valley of the Sun. But here we have many many beautiful, hott, very nice ladies that live right here and available most all the time. just my thoughts don't shoot me. Remember I said I seldom see touring providers . I didn't say never!

i love touring providers..i usually keep a wish list of 30 or so..when they come to town..it is like a dream come true..i book them asap..if you truly enjoy their company as i do..they will let you know when they will be back..you are booked automatically then..she will make sure of it..some visit once a year..some every 2 or 3 months..i never look at it as being selfish..only as something to enjoy again and look forward to..she does too..

there are only a couple local ladies I've seen more than once.  Not completely sure why.  Maybe it's because I feel a need to catch her while she's here, or maybe I'm unconsciously afraid I'll get really hooked on a local & devote all my time and $$ to her.  Over the last couple of years, I've devoleped a few touring providers that come to DC fairly frequently who have become sort of regular with me; they usually let me know when they're coming before they post a public ad, and obvioulsy we've gotten to know each other a bit and are immediately comfortable with each other, which is nice.  And yes, I am subject to the whims of their schedules, but with about 4-5 ladies in this category who I've seen more than once, there's usually at least one coming around soon.  I guess different strokes for different folks.

I already have a regular rotation of local gals, and to add any more would put the time between seeing them too far apart for my desires, so I reserve every other week for a touring gal because even if I did feel like adding them to my regular group, I wouldn't be able to.

If someone I truly want to see comes to town, I will try to see her.  For the most part, I stick with locals.  In my area, there are always new ones popping up.  If she catches my eye, and the research is good, then I'm in.

Touring providers usually see several guys per day, so if I wanted to see a touring lady, I would prob ask for her first appt of the day.


...but I have seen some when they visited going through an agency. I have advance notice of when they are coming to town and make plans to see them. At present there are only 2 that I see. It's easy to make plans that way.

It's a matter of availability.  I can't plan as far ahead as I used to...   I'm willing to travel within my area & shop accordingly.

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I too prefer local gal's-have tried a few touring ladies and never had a bad experience but there is little chance of a repeat performance and I find that for my personal taste 2nd and 3rd sessions are the best-

many come from neighboring states, so if I want to see them again, it's not a problem for me, since I travel a lot on business.

touring providers. On the other hand, if an escort whom I already have seen happens to be in the same city that I am visiting ( and it has happened), or someone has caught my eye and will be in the same place at the same time, I would go for it!

I've already been around the world....I'm comfortable just staying home and entertaining my gents in the comforts and privacy of an inviting atmosphere....

Come on over....from my toes to your head, and your head to my toes, my middle to your middle and I will give you a little....  wink

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