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I don't see any boots. Where are the boots!
She's so cute even with the boots.

I would think most hobbyists if you are lucky enough to go on a vacation with a provider, we would pick the obvious ie  Hawaii, Caribeaan, cruise ship, trip to Europe, something exotic like that.  What if you have different tastes like going to Sturgis?  Wrestlemania? national monuments in DC? This question is for providers or hobbyists.... WHAT UNCONVENTIOAL VACATION LOCATION WOULD YOU LKE TO GO OR OPEN FOR? ( of course you can take your coolest hobbyist or your best provider, whichever it may be)  remember locations or events!!!!  this got me thinking because, I am going on vacation to the midwest, and a "friend" of mine from the Chicago area, asked if I would go to the museum of Science and Industry and the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago with her because she has a client later this month who wants to go see them.

that renting a house boat on Lake Mead or Lake Powell would be fun for a long weekend or couple of days. You know find that secluded cove....

I'm not much of a camper anymore so I think I would enjoy a day of hiking, then back to the lodge for a hot bath, a nice dinner and playtime!
BUT...I COULD see myself in a first class RV, if my date wanted to "camp"!

Sturgis would be a fun trip...I've seen pictures of South Dakota... the lakes and trees are beautiful! I think it would be even more amazing on the back of a bike!

Also, taking a workshop on human sexuality at Esalen or Harbin Hot Springs would be a blast!

So, who's ready for a summer vacation?

Wouldn’t that be a great way to spend a weekend with friends, good food and lots of drinks?

No bathing suits required.

Now how do I get away for a weekend and put this plan into action.

some of the RV's today are better than some resorts!!!

And you are right, Hellozona! Some RV's ARE better than the resorts! Check out the Unicat!

No snakes to worry about.

Unless Vampy is there.

no snakes but huge "Piranha"!!! oh those movies at Lake havasu.  :)  

New movie title "the House Boat", and its sequel
"the House Boat 2" and then the third installment "the House Boat goes to Venice"   give me a few hours and I will have a script made!!!

according to my better half is defined as "single ply tissue at the Hilton"...

which is why i hike and camp alone :(

btw... nice hiking boots Gina... i'm betting most of the guys didn't notice :)

I don't see any boots. Where are the boots!
She's so cute even with the boots.

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