Cleanliness is of the utmost importance.
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I have turned down a few clients.  And it makes me want to throw up just thinking about the horrible smell.

I want to know from the men out there how often have walked away from a provider when seeing how her place is in such disarray - either by smell, mess, both, etc...

From the ladies - how often have you turned a guy down because of his "funk"? What are your biggest pet peeves here?

For me - I have a few times had to say to a provider this isn't going to work and had to walk out because the place is such a mess or stinks...

thanks for sharing

I have turned down a few clients.  And it makes me want to throw up just thinking about the horrible smell.

I've had a few guys that were not clean at all (even one guy that didn't know how to properly wipe down there). It is possibly the biggest turnoff ever and will put the person on my "Do Not See" list. It amazes me too because I have a shower with many different body products that I am more than happy for my client to use. I wonder if some people don't realize that they aren't cleaning themselves properly...or maybe if they even get off on seeing a provider when they aren't clean.

Than one occasion was that the uncut gents didn't know how to clean properly.
I will stop at that because it could become disgusting for others to read.

There is no excuse for uncleanliness whether cut or uncut. I am uncut and am always clean. I have never even been asked to shower before a session. I am squeaky clean when I go to see a provider for the first time and every time. Have never had any complaints or been turned away . Also have never been askked to NOT come back.

Inside & out!

I will not see a guy again, who is funky, and if he smells bad it is not worth it to me because chemistry is everything!

Personal cleanliness of the provider is of utmost importance to me. Cleanliness/condition of the incall location is a close second. I may not walk out, but I definitely won't go back again if the provider does not have good hygiene. I have met some providers who shower before every meeting with a client. I definitely appreciate that. I am always very clean when I go to see someone (I only see providers who do incall). I always brush my teeth and use mouth wash right before I go see someone. I usually use breath mints on the way to see them. In return, I expect the provider to be very clean and fresh also!

Related to this is the topic of smoking. One of questions to a provider is always "Do you smoke". If they are a heavy smoker, I pass on that provider. To me, nothing is worse than an apartment or hotel room that reeks with the smell of cigarette smoke! The answer "I don't smoke during a session" is not an acceptable answer!!

and that goes 2 ways. And my surroundings and how they are kept is a reflection ON ME.

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