Should a provider allow multiple pops?teeth_smile
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I would really love to hear from both providers and hobbyists on this one. I'm the sort of guy that has a voracious sexual appetite, and if I'm with the  right woman I want to go more than one round. I figured if I have a full hour and can get off a couple of pops, then why shouldn't I? I have been with women who allow this and don't allow this. Unfortunately, it seems like the ones who say they are fine with multiples, I am not really "connecting" with and so I'm good for my one and done session...

Ladies - when and how do I approach this before getting to you? I know over the phone and email isn't when we should discuss such matters, but now that I'm in your location and you say "no, just one", I feel cheated - not your fault, I suppose, but why even pay for a full hour if I can be done in 15 minutes for my first round?!

I just want to be with a passionate provider whose libido is in tune with mine - I know it takes two to how do I find a women like that?

The only way I know of is to keep trying different companions. You may want to start by reading reviews though and look for ladies who offer multiple "go a-rounds".
Also, I don't know the age group in which you are looking, but I know from personal experience that I didn't really ENJOY sex until I hit my 30's. Sex was fun in my 20's, don't get me wrong, but I hit my stride in my 30's. For some women, it takes a while for our body to sexually mature. At least that's how it was with mine.
Good luck in your search! Write a review once in a while so we get a better idea of where you've been and what direction you are going :)

Thanks for the advice. I usually like more mature providers (30+). I'm in my early 40s and so don't really look for any provider in their 20s...

I just signed up today, so I'll start putting reviews in. I put 2 in today, but I think it takes a little while for them to go live...


It seems to me if an ad states "an hour" then an hour it should be.  

If a provider is selling time (and that is all that is for sale anyway) then if a half hour is quoted, you should be respectful of the time and be gone in half an hour. On the other hand if the agreement was for an hour of company, and the fun pauses in 20 minutes, let's say... then the fun should not end until the time is up.

My experience is that the more mature providers enjoy the time, and then of course so do I.

I agree with the time thing. If the provider charges xx amount for an hour, you should be allowed to stay for the entire hour. Unfortunately, it is a frequent occurrence that providers start pushing you toward the door after you pop once. That's why I usually only go for the 30 minute sessions.

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