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I still fantasize about you after all this time!

When you meet people, do you ever imagine what they would look like naked or what they are like sexually? How would you feel if you knew someone were musing about you in this way?

I'll start...
If someone's personality turns me on, I might fantasize about what they are like in the sack. Rarely do I have this reaction to finding someone physically attractive. Unfortunately, what I find physically attractive doesn't always create desire for me.
If I knew someone were musing about me in this way, I would feel flattered and it might make me want to fulfill their fantasy...

So, how about you guys? What do you think?

I must admit that when I meet someone new, I will often fantasize about seeing them naked and then playing with them. Gina, I had those fantasies about you way before we met. Now, they're both real experiences and continued fantasies about our next encounter!

what is the statistic ? men think of sex every six seconds ? rarely does an attractive female catch my eye and I not imagine her nude or wonder how good she is at bedroom gymnastics....

I only pay the rediculous price for coffee at Starbuck's so I can sit and enjoy the scenery, then when I've worked myself into a lather I go get a cup at Walmart... work's better than a cold shower to tame the libido...

I still fantasize about you after all this time!

Gina. Were guys. Thats all we do is look at beautiful women and fantasize. In the supermarket, Doctors office, laundromat, drug store, gas station, Mcdonalds, Pool, Etc.etc. Well, you get the picture. Some guys will deny it but if their heterosexual I highly doubt their being truthful. Now, if they are in a loving relationship that may change but even then we still look. And of course as we men get older we have learned how to do this incognito so as not to embarass ourselves.

Maybe I have been seeing to many TER girls.. when I see someone attractive I drift off to I wonder how her menu is... hourly rates... Think she has a special going?

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