No speech, I like to look! eomteeth_smile
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I just got this little book that has 250 questions about love and sex...I'm posting my favorite questions for you guys as topics for discussion. Here's your next question...

If you had to make love either in total darkness or where background noise would prevent speech, which would you prefer? And why?

Have done both and prefer total darkness. But then again, considering my situation, I am
already groping when i play. Sex via the Braille system is great. Great book and topics by the way!!!

I can feel my way just fine but all that noise and I wouldn't be able to hear her gasps of breath and moans and sighs? In fact I like total darkness sometimes its exciting!!!

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I enjoy the visual, it enhances the sensual.  I can communicate without speech.

I have to admit to having a fantasy of being seduced by a woman while I am blindfolded and having her leave without ever discovering her identity.

This fantasy would make for a great doubles session...the guy is blindfolded and has to identify which lady is giving head!!!

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