How do I get mamasan to set up an appt?
parkdacar 32 Reviews 1025 reads

I have seen several great reviews for girls associated with a couple of local mamasans and called a couple of the numbers to set something up. I am assuming that the women answering the 4 different numbers are associated since the girls are in multiple adds. A couple of the numbers didn't pan out at all (no answer our wierd popping noise), but one answered and said that they wouldn't take any appts if I hadn't been there before. The 4th number I called, I was told to call back ann hour before the time I wanted and then they never answered when I called back (this happened twice). Why do they advertise and then turn people down or refuse to set up appts with a few hours notice? I'd like to give then another shot, so if any of you have any advice, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

DAVEPHX844 reads

There is a good reason there are few or no legitimate agencies left in Phoenix with the war on consenting adult sexwork.

2 or more gals = felony 2-20 years in prison (layering on money laundering charges for every "donation")

1 gal independent = misdemeanor mandatory 15 days in Tent City on 1st offense but far better than 2-20 in prison.

otherwise I would say something like….."I'm sure LE appreciates your post" or "I hope others read this post and keep far from you" or "Mamasan may have you figured to be reckless and a liability to future business".

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