L2 providers?
jmjunkster 4 Reviews 1284 reads

New to Phoenix and trying to learn the lay of the land.  Being from Dallas w/a wide selection of providers, life was much easier.  So any help on resources(sites, etc.) I should be using would be appreciated.

I'm not always looking for FS, but would like to find an attractive couple of providers for other services.

We've got wonderful local providers who advertise on the board.  Also I recommend you check the "new" Phoenix escort reviews when you log on TER. Finally the Top 100 Phoenix TER provider list is another good resource. All providers have at least 20 reviews, however, there are plenty of Phoenix providers with less than 20 reviews that are well worth seeing.

And yes, there are other local boards, however, do to TER rules I can't mention the names.
Once you start seeing some local providers I'm sure they'll give you the names of the local boards.

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