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Several ladies I see set their rates not based on what they want to make, but based on the type of gentleman they will attract. When I've asked if they've ever had bad experiences, the common answer is "at this rate you weed out most of the problem clients". Food for thought.

Is it me or does it seem that some Asian agencies have increased their rates?  It was typical to pay $200 for an hour of service and many have now gone to $250 and higher.  With the economy in the toilet, I believe that rates should not be on the rise.  However, I imagine that it's a case of supply and demand; as long as we are willing to pay, agencies can get away with it.   It would be great if we could, collectively, abstain from using services until rates came down a bit.  The quality of providers and services have actually been very good, so I don't want to sound like such a cheapskate; however, a little break would be very cool.  Thoughts?

The rate topic has been discussed time and time agin. Its very simple if you ask me, if a providers rates are higher then you would like to pay. . .Don't call her.

Every lady has there rates because of there living expenses. Its her body....

You don't try to organize guys to "abstain from using servcies until rates came down a bit". How fun would a provider be who felt she was under paid?

First of all, I'm not trying to organize a boycot; I know I don't have that kind of influence.  Since I tend to use Asian Agencies due to my taste, I was more specifically referring to their rates and I'm pretty sure the girls don't determine the cost.  And it goes without saying that we are all willing to pay different rates for different providers and nobody is holding a gun to our heads to use certain providers.  I certainly didn't want to come off strong with my comment; however, it's a definite observation and I'm wondering if you guys have noticed the same.  In regards to how fun or good a provider is; it's not determined by the price she charges so you can't make that argument; you should know that from experience.  As you can see from my reviews, I am a frequent flyer and have noticed that slight increases do add up.....and yes, I know, it's my choice to use or not to use.  Thanks.

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For every person that complains about rates, there is another that gladly shell out the money for the services...bad economy or not.  While I may find it ludacris to pay $400/hr for a date, somebody else will be shelling out three times as much on a consistent basis.

Spend what you feel is reasonable for your price range, and play accordingly...

While I have/had tried lower my rates.  I found the end results icky!  All that happened was I was contacted a lot,  and I mean a LOT more by, how should I say it..."less respectful men"  And this was not what I intended to attract.  So almost all special offers I had out there have been removed.  The results....a better quality of gentlemen making contact again!  So I have found it best to simply leave my rates alone as they are, then make my offers to respectful gentlemen once we have shared the pleasure of each others company!  I try to my best to let them know that they can see me for repeat visits at a descounted rate. All they need to do is to make sure I know who they are.

On the same subject of rates (discounted/lower) I also do not raise the rates of current clients.  Many of my long term regular visitors pay rates that I no longer offer. (for example, a gentleman who started seeing me when my rates were 100 to 200 dollars less per hr, then what they are now, still pay that same rate) So it pays, or rather "saves" to stay regular with a lady.

Just my input

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Several ladies I see set their rates not based on what they want to make, but based on the type of gentleman they will attract. When I've asked if they've ever had bad experiences, the common answer is "at this rate you weed out most of the problem clients". Food for thought.

Miss Ajay, thanks for your comment and I can't say that I disagree with you.  Being a provider, I can only imagine the range of quality of clients that you've encountered.  I guess there's a happy medium for all things and I think it's good business to "reward" your regulars with discounts, so kudos to you; most providers don't do this.  I've been a "regular" client of a few agencies and I don't remember ever getting a frequent flyer discount; if anything, as I had initially mentioned, it seemed like rates were creeping up a bit and it prompted my comment.  And again, no disrespect to anyone; it's a free country.  Good luck out there and maybe I'll have the opportunity to meet you sometime.

They will not treat you as just another client.  

They might even extend you an offer if you see them several times a month.  

Did you take into effect the price of maintaining an incall has probably gone up?

As you stated, you enjoy the service, then just pay the extra bucks.

But if you are against the rate increase, you can boycott them - this is America.

I told ATT I was boycotting them for raising the rate on my Iphone - they listened and turned mines off.
So, if you want something(someone), sometimes you got to pay!

Posted By: Madame Patricia
Whitelisted TER gents do to!
Very true!

Gents who are whitelisted by well reviewed ladies are a special treat and deserve to be treated as such.

Ive got to agree with Natalie, Resdirect, Patricia, Boo boo. Don't do what isnt comfortable for you and dont worry about someone who isnt in a price point you feel comfortable with. In La you can go from 100 to 1000 plus. Even 5000 plus. Don't worry enjoy what makes you happiest.

David - I definitely agree with you but again it is my personal opinion.  I will share some more on the subject since you asked.  First, I am here in San Diego so things may be different up there ...

I have tried providers at various price points.  The lowest I tend to go is $200 and the highest I would ever go would be $500.  That being said, for me the $500 ones are more of a treat and very rare occasion while the $200 may be more regular.  Maybe I have really bad luck or my expectations are set too high with reviews but I recently have seen 2 $400 PLUS providers with solid reviews down here and to say I was disappointed is an understatement.  I don't believe in bad reviews so I keep it UTR but man - its bad!  So now my new rule is nothing over $250 because of my personal experiences.  I also have very good references and consider myself a gentleman.  It may be supply and demand but for me service-level and attitude goes a long way.  If you want more info on my experiences feel freem to PM me but I don't want to create any drama here on this board.


Otis, I hear you about not wanting to create any drama and it wasn't my intention.  I totally respect every providers right to charge whatever they want and you are very correct in that the rate does not dictate the level of service; I've had some incredible, (in a positive way), experiences at the $200 level.  At the same time, I understand providers wanting to attract the "gentleman" type and I guess there is a correlation to rate; however, just like you, I consider myself a complete gentleman and I tend to go for around $200 to a max of $260.  Lately, my frequency has increased a bit so I'm trying to stick around the $200 mark.....luckily, there are a few agencies with really quality providers that charge such rates.  Thanks for your feedback and I may take you up on obtaining more feedback via PM and feel free to do the same.

But Otis, if youi do not report the type service you got  with no added drama, you are not helping.  

Because if reviews ,  HONEST reviews based on your impression and service provided.  Be it good or bad is not worth your time to express,  Then aren't you partly to blame for what you got.  After all the lady may have tried more or harder when she set her rates to the 400 range,  and over time she slacked off and still continued to be paid in the 400 range,  and guys keep booking at that rate because, as you said,  the reviews were good.  And no one takes the time to express that they feel the service was substandard  for what was paid.  

Which might have some guys move along,  and /OR she may realize she needs to kick up her service a notch,  or trim the rartes to match....

I think you understand what I am saying here.  ....and in that way you partly have yourself to blame.   I mean only reporting the good,  doesn't help.  


I understand but we are forced to give good reviews because if we give honest reviews and they are below a providers average then one of a couple things happen ... 1. We will get black listed or 2. TER will remove the review which is counter-productive.  In any case - have a look at what some of the providers in San Diego want to do and pay attention to Freya and Mila Tequila

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I'll try to defend DAVID7 with this, it is very difficult to find a truly independent asian.  I have been fooled several times by the same "agency" and ended up in a familiar pad with a so so experience and no hope of seeing the same asian lady if it is a good experience.  I've had several discussions with this "agency" telling me someone they have a lady that is younger or hotter, typical b&s tactics.

So, where does that leave an asian lover?  That's right back with the normal agencies.  All I can say is take a half hour instead of an hour next time.

I know exactly what you're talking about and it does seem to happen often with certain Asian agencies.  Just like you, I totally prefer asian providers and have been lucky enough to find a couple of very reliable agencies that have been very consistent with quality and service.  Your point is one reason I usually try to wait for a few reviews on TER before I decide to schedule.  As mentioned on this post, I have, sometimes, NOT submitted a bad review for fear of being black-balled; however, the purpose of this site is to give one another a heads up so we're not wasting time or $.  Good luck out there!

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As a newbie, I'm curious to know if many of you have caught any nasty shit from the Asians and the BBBj service?  How risky is it?

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