Visiting Sensual Massage ~~ 5/9-5/12
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~~Let me introduce you to the healing power of sensual massage and pleasure~~

I’m Caydence, the girl with the “magic hands”

Full Body Sensual Massage is my forte'.  I am currently considered one of Denver’s premiere sensual massage providers.  Currently I am traveling the countryside to bring to you a new, elevated standard in sensual massage.

I've spent countless hours training and apprenticing to ensure that I provide a quality and furthermore, a safe massage.  I have an extensive background studying physiology and natural healing.  I incorporate elements of Thai massage, Swedish and deep tissue to ensure I alleviate your every ache and pain.  I sensually utilize my entire body to create a unique experience unparalleled to any other experience you've had before.  Leave it to me to create an oasis where you can leave you cares and stresses behind while I explore every inch of your body.

I seek to create an experience in which you can escape to. A place to find balance, to explore safely and relinquish your apprehensions and just be. As a true sensual guide, I open up to you a space in which we can explore one another. To really feel one another.

I am a woman who loves my body. I strive to be healthy, happy and sane. I am a woman who is beautifully flawed and embrace my imperfections. I am much more than my measurements and choose not to reduce myself to meager statistics. I stand behind my photos and express that they are not altered and represent me accurately, (with the exception of my hair, I am a woman after all. My hair goes through constant change). I understand my body and take the up-most care and I am diligent in my grooming. I also posses possibly the softest most supple skin you have ever felt! Come explore my incredibly soft curves.

Furthermore, I love men!! I love being in the presence of a confident and genuine man.
I love a man that possess a sharp wit yet also possess humility. I also love to touch and REALLY feel you, your every pulse, every beat and breath. I love the feel of a man atop of me.

Imagine this......

.....a cool, dark, candle lit room. Warm oils, sweet scents and plush linens. A sensual artist tending to your every aching muscle and loin. She utilizes her tanned and toned body to work away your stresses until you nearly melt into the table. As the oil warms with friction, you spasm as she nibbles your ear and twitch as she runs her nails down your back. Just as your arousal heightens, she turns your over and.............................

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