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Does anybody know what causes the date on some posting to be in red?

I've tried to look for any obvious reasons,  and I just do not see it.

Anybody know?


-- Modified on 9/23/2011 1:38:53 PM

Some posters that have RED dates following their posts  are in the "top 10" lists.

A guess indeed, it was.  And I'm thinking a wrong guess.

Anyone else got any idea why the dates of some posts are in red?  

Toss me your guess,  I'll see if it fits.


is what is seems to me4an.  

And I can not think of any reason thsat any of us needs to be able to identify everything that was posted 2 days ago.

But the dates in red seem to be changing.  daily

EXOP  today is the 26th and if you look around you'll notice that the post with red text dates are for the 24th


still poses the question.....W H Y

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