Krista - You Truly Are A Star!! -e-
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Ladies post your sexiest photos TOPLESS ONLY please xo

Don’t miss her guys she’s only here for a few days.

Winner........... You go girl!!!! Soft, natural curves all woman. Yikes.

Damn...Krista and Raven....soooo hot!!!!

Those are great, I love them.

a lil shy.

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30G for 30 glorious and glamorous breasts! Sorry we still haven't connected, was hoping by now I would have some entertaining reviews to read...I'm sure my hobbyist Brothers are curious, as well...! Have I missed a recent summary of the BGE (Bret Grey Experience)?  The BFE (that's me!) would enjoy your recommendation on that kind of future reading...Mmmmmmm Krista for starting this thread, one of the most memorable (and fu**in* hott)  threads I can ever remember, here or anywhere!  Krista, Raven, Danielle, and Shy Little Bret--WOW!  Not often I'm speechless, but I became speechless as I looked at all four of you.
And, Krista, your great looks are a perfect combo with your inviting body!  Since you have the nicest butt around (IMHO), will you start "Tushie Tuesday" on March 13th?

KRISTA - thanks for starting this.  AND thanks to the other ladies who graciously added to it!

WOW, great idea.  Now for WICKED WEDNESDAYS ????

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