60 and Over

So...How Old.....regular_smile
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Are You and what have you tried ?

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Sure wish I had the budget to hobby twice a week, but I don't.    As I got older things like arthritis, tendonitist and delayed orgasm, make masturbation tougher and less satisfying than it used to be.   Any of my senior brothers have any self-gratification suggestions, would've said "tips" but I'll be getting enought smart-all replies as it is.    Just remember u young bucks, you will be my age some day,   maybe.

i truly cannot remember the last time i whacked it..with all these beautiful women available..why would you?..

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I am way over-budget as it is.

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Are You and what have you tried ?

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64  soon,     just use the basic right handed grab and pump.

Find some porn site you like...   that doesn't have a ton of spyware on it...  to get in the mood.   Astrolube.

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