Put it to him this way...
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Tell him if money doesn't matter to him. Then he should have no problem giving you ALL his money for nothing. I bet it starts to matter then.

I hate when I get a call and the guy says money is not a concern for me..... that bugs  me! money is a concern for all of makes my BS meter go off he wants 12 hrs....  yeah right.... and money does not matter PLEASE  its the quickest way to put me on guard  and to not want to meet you ...even IF you do have it to spend  show some class as there are many of us out there  where money does matter.....sorry for the rant  just rubbed  me the wrong way  with times being hard for almost everyone  these days.....

Of course I don't have any guys calling me and telling me that. And THAT will not happen. lol But I can understand why you got pissed. Sounds like the guy either has way more money than he needs or is trying to impress you with BS. Probably good that your meter went off. But maybe he doesn't care bout the cost once he seen your pics and read the reviews. Hell, if I wasn't on a budget it wouldn't be a concern to me either but I wouldn't brag about it. I don't think I would. Never been that well off that money was plentiful.

Girls to guys

"Not a clock watcher"
"It is all about you"
"Be on time" (buzz kill)
"My pictures are current"

Guys to girls

"For a discount I will write a great review"
"You are my ATF"
"I can't wait to do this again"
"You are so special"

Key is, we know when it is BS and when it is real. Go with your gut.

If it is an out of town gig and you never met, forget it. If he is in town, let him buy you coffee and read him then. I don't think any sane hobbiest would book a 12 hour date without having spent an hour in someones company.


Vickie know what to do research him.

He maybe legit and a good client.

maybe but already turned off  by the remark so  will have to pass  too many  down to earth  nice guys that have less  money  but more class

Guys who talk about giving you a large sum of money without ever having met you are much more likely doing so because they have no intentions of actually paying it.

The fact that he feels the need to reassure you that he CAN pay is what makes you wonder if he intends to at all.

If a guy does intend to book for a long or extended session, he does so and never talks about the cost in any way... just the time.

So, my question is, "Why are you trying to tempt me?"

That's enough alone to make me turn down the offer.

I once did that, and the guy said, "But don't you want the money?" No, Mr. Police officer or Jacka** that thinks a woman will do just anything for the right price, or college kids trying to play a joke on me.

I don't want your "money."

Tell him if money doesn't matter to him. Then he should have no problem giving you ALL his money for nothing. I bet it starts to matter then.

LMAO  thanks for the belly laugh driller !

Usually a person making that "money is no issue" approach is lacking self confidence and hopes money will make up for lack of ..... whatever.   The other motivator is the person is hoping that excess money will make you want to jump thru the phone and be all over him with extra special VIP attention.  Either way its an insult and presumes all the wrong things

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