I wish you the best of luck, sweetie.
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Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.

Keep in touch.

Vamp Clooney

I am extremely sad yet entirely thrilled to announce my early retirement from this wonderful journey. I knew going into this i was to experience certain things & meet certainpeoples that would be paramount into who I am going to be in this lifetime. I  know now that that meant finding the person i am supposed to spend the rest of my life with.

I am so grateful for the open arms I was given when first making my self known. Most of you know my sweet side, but not everyone has experienced the wild, rebellious, fiercely driven & independent side of me. I was just as shocked as everyone may be, considering my plans to stick around for at least 10 yrs! (Too bad if yah didnt like me, youd be stuck with me! Jk) however I am always one to follow my heart, & this time it's leading else where.

To the friends I have made, I hope we can keep in touch, & to the friends I never got to enjoy, I hope we'll meet in our next lifetime! *wink*


Wishing all the best to a true Sweetheart!  It's never a bad idea to follow yr heart, Sweetheart!  I consider myself very fortunate to have shared a lot of fun in a short amount of time with you

how I feel about you.... and look at the bright side...... now we can have more time  to hang out!

Oh my goodness. Yes please! :) lunch soon! This time I'm "gone", but won't be "vanishing". ;)

Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.

Keep in touch.

Vamp Clooney

I hope you find nothing but happiness in your future.
And maybe that long lost glass of apple

Lol Awwe... turn that frown, upside down cupcake!

I say you are truly special. I wish you life's best no matter how many paths you travel. Following your heart is the best way to keep your inner child alive  ;-)

You left a few descriptors out. You are connected to your soul. You are remarkably intelligent. And in any environment, you will shine. And I deeply admired you for your "Joie De Vivre" in our brief conversation.

Best wishes...and to the next lifetime.

Big bear hug,

:) and I wish, in front of the world, you were able to duplicate what you saw with me. It's very rare for anyone to experience me, on so many levels & every level possible... But somehow, you accomplished just that.  :)

My inner child is running rampid!! :) and my soul is blowing you virtual kisses! :-*

For all the wonderful wishes. My birthday is this Monday and I wish I was still in the community to celebrate it erotic style! But I am happy to be spending it with a special someone this  year.

Ciao my loves! And many blesses to everyone in 2012!


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