Why would it get censored????sad_smile
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On OKC BP, there is a provider, who not only looks like the legendary Gia but is for sure using one of her pics.   Her number is an 818 area code, so it's possible for that reason as well.   Any intel?

I didn't want to post links as I think they would have gotten booted or censored.    However, the ad is easy to find.   Codeword:  Python.

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I don't know.   I post on different boards with different rules, and it seems like something is always getting kicked out, censored, etc.   I can't keep them all straight, so I provided enough info for someone to easily find the info, rather than taking a chance on having to come back and change something, like I always end up doing for my submitted reviews.   I'm sorry if that made you unhappy.   Thanks for the link.


I posted about a year ago that she was in OKC.  She got all pissed off at me for disclosing her location and not only that had my posts removed and reviews.  Weird!!


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