411 - TS Baby Jane - TGTBT?
ihateNYC 42 Reviews 770 reads

She pops up on Backpage every once in a while in AZ, but no reviews to be found?  TGTBT?

MissMarple509 reads

This is one of the most widely used photos in escort ads that I've ever seen.  All you have to do is copy the image URL from the BP ad and put it into Google image search (turn any content filters off).  She's everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Now, as to what's at the end of your 702 phone number, that's another question entirely. But your ad's poster has provided you with
- No services
- No price
- No connection to a personal web site
- No reviews (good or least that I can find)
And there is no discussions of her on this or any other discussion board that I'm aware of. What do you think?

Stay safe,

Miss Marple

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