Ditto, eom.
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Hello Ms. Marple,

I have had several members PM me asking if I know you.   Once a Moderator, now a contributing board member, I myself welcome anyone who is new to the board.  Your knowledge and comments seem to reflect knowledge of what has been discussed here over time.  

I know many lurkers as well as active board members would love to know a little more about you.

Take care and hope you and everyone else has a great holiday 3 day weekend.


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the worlds third most popular fictional detective. I am simply interested in helping people stay safe.  I've read too many letters and stories about bait and switches, rip offs, etc., and am willing to devote a little time to help people avoid being hurt financially, physically or emotionally.   No other agenda.    TER is a wonderful resource to help minimize your risk by sharing available information, but all the members need to work together to keep both customers and providers safe. Hopefully that can be done with a little bit of humor at the same time, hence the alias.


Miss Marple

Fair enough, Welcome to the board, and your comments are helpful as well as appreciated.

and I always kind of wondered about that. Newbies are one thing, and some members just don't like to give the blow by blow of their dates. Overall though, at least for me, I put a lot more stock into someone who has taken the time to write some reviews then one who hasn't.

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Tend to agree with your coment however I have not written a single review.  My opinion is a member builds their brand with a history of very solid and accurate reviews and/or contributes here and the information provided is usually spot on.    

But I tend to agree, too often the best reviews 10/10 or 9/9 seem to come from a member who has never written a single review and has never visited the TS board.....wonder why? :)

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remember that one can write reviews with an alais.
lots of reasons why one may want to do this...

Not true (at least I think it is not true).  You can use an alias on the discussion boards but not to post reviews.  

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