Dating site options?
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I thought someone here might be able to recommend a legitimate TS dating site. My understanding is the mainstream sites, like Match- aren't the best for this.

I looked at, but it seemed to be somewhat of a hook-up site (not what I'm looking for), and there was bogus information/false ads. The same girl's profiles would pop up in different locations depending on which zipcode I'd search with- bOH-gus!



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!!!! Definitely looking in the wrong place for that inquiry lol.

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All are great places to start.

lol... and once again, I'm sorry I bothered to post!

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All are great places to start.

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this just is not the site to find good dating sites...its all focused on providers....again, all in fun :)

There are a few out there that have some quality TS women looking for serious men.  The best one I've found is  It is a free site and I highly recommend trying it. is another quality site but you'll need a premium membership.  This site has everything from married CD's to TS escorts. has some nice CD's and TS women, but it is expensive and not user friendly.  Stay away from this one

Good luck!

Thanks alpha!
Not into CDs myself, but will take a look at your first recommendations.
I do realize this site has it's focus, so thanks for straying "totally" "off" "topic" to help a guy out.

cheers is not a TS dating site?

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