TS Brenda Dimonte - real pictures?
massmonger69 131 Reviews 1690 reads

In Boston I have seen a number of adds by Brenda Dimonte but I am hesitant to call her.

She looks TOO feminine and beautiful.  Are her pictures real?  Was she good?


Mass Monger

MissMarple699 reads

are probably correct on this one.  Not a t-girl, let alone the provider you will meet.  I usually like to be able to identify the model before I say anything, but can't find a name on this one.  Maybe some "stock" photos from one of the model photo bins.  At any rate, I can see her photos are used elsewhere, certainly look too feminine, and likely too good to be true. But that's just one piece of information to use in your decision making process.

Follow yow your instincts.  Wait for a review.  Stay safe...

Miss Marple

Thanks for the feedback \MissMarple.  I actually called her once and in a thick spanish accent she was quite rude when I asked her to repeat some of the things she said.  She actually hung up on me.

I've seen the photos floating around for a while. They just scream fake to me but I've never seen or called the ad.

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