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Her pics are of Dolly Castro (gg model)

Do your research!

...not fair to all the good providers out there...for every shady scammer out there, there are many gents taken from the honest providers waiting for the phone to ring...sure it is silly to even allow this practice, but if the people would take the time to report this, and the scammer's ad is pulled...Eros gets the money, but the scammer wouldn't benefit from the ad...who knows, might even learn a lesson...come correct or stay on the streets where they belong...hugs,Rachel

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TS Rachel has pull, so good for you.  I am glad they removed them but a few very easy checks ahead of time, making sure the pics are real only takes a few seconds. I will change my opinion once I see a proactive movement to ensure all pics are real.  Removing two out of a thousand is a drop in the bucket. No disrespect to you Rachel but they know whats up and its all about the bennies.

I agree LATSDog...aren't most things about the bennies? Yet I feel this board is a one sided tool for MOST...questions answered and most times not even a fellow that checks back with a positive or negative conclusion of the supposed date he went on

I am just sick of many who complain, but aren't proactive in changing anything...TER is a great tool IF you make the effort to use the search feature here or try to see if a provider has a consistent positive review many times have we read the same questions over and over? many times a few threads prior...haha

Tineye and Google Images are also valuable tools, but not all are tech savvy or have the patience, but common sense say if you google a number/email address and several ads with several very different looking TS/GG women and/or several different names...RUN, but also do your fellow board mates a solid and report back

it only takes a few minutes to help...I have a civvy business and also a well booked provider, but I sure have the time to send an email to my contacts at Eros

I hate that they got rid of the moderators, because the flow of discussion here has come to a near standstill, but even you guys couldn't constantly spoon feed the masses and I felt your frustration when I saw some of the same questions over and over or the obvious TGTBT posts

like I said, if it save's a gent his hard earned money(and sometimes his safety) and actually get's the legitimate provider's phone ringing is well worth my time...hugs, Rachel

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I totally am in agreement with everything you said.  Well stated.

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