60 and Over

When I have time, I do come to this board first (Enjoy this Buffett song)......
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.....This is a fun board.

Here's a Jimmy Buffett song you might like.....ENJOY!


That this board rocks.  Full of interesting things to read and wonderful, intelligent and might i say GORGEOUS people.  Although im no where near 60, ( im 28) all of my providers that i have seen are always mature.  There are several that i have never written a review about.  But to me, the more mature the better.  I am a business who travels all over the country and i just seem to connect more with an older woman.  Plus, they are so damn sexy in the way they carry themselves.  So like i said earlier i know this board isn't necessarily for me because of my age, but i just wanted to say you all are awesome!

I have more than a decade or so before I meet the "Over 60" requirement.

Alot of us like the flow of this board and so stick around.

I love this board too & age is just a #!

We just like to keep it drama- and firestorm-free, unlike other boards.

I know lots of people who don't meet the age requirements that join in here all the time. This is a friendly board so no one will hold your younger years against you or make you feel out of place. Please join in the conversation often.

Being in the over 60 crowd myself I enjoy the company of gentlemen of all ages. Glad that you find mature women sexy and interesting.

Kisses Haley

There are many ages here, but we all are horny teens at heart!

and I gotta say...

Being 40 is by far the best part so far...

I don't post here that much, but it's one of two boards that is very friendly to all who come here.  The other is the one that I host, the FAQ for Newbies board.  Many of you that do post here are veterans, both men and women, so I urge you to check out the newbie board once in a while.  I can always use help from my highly unpaid assistants in answering the newbs' questions, and you are always welcome to contribute some of your wisdom there.  That's where most of my posting takes place, but I do read this board all the time.


Love the mature men/women.

You all are not hungry/angry/loud/rude, but elegant/considerate and sometimes wild.
When I was a Geisha back in Japan, almost all of men who I entertained(not sexually, though) were near 60 or over 60's. I have to keep up conversation with them and I learned tremendously from doing that.Strangely, I feel more comfortable with older people in general.

Now, in the US doing this work, I found mature gentlemen/ladies are really sensual and very fun in and out of bed.

60 is the new 40!!!  I have never heard that..Love it!

Posted By: keystonekid
in better shape, eat better, etc.

to be the more sensual side of TER. The men are more enticing and erotic..which is a big turn on for me..

They know what they like and have the class and etiquette to say in a gentlemans manner. To me thats a big turn on instead of crude and unrefined.

The point of p4p is to have a wonderful sensual time with the person you are with at that moment in time. In the meantime, you sit on the boards and see the personalities of others whom you might spend quality time with.

No need for drama or rudeness....


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