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we older gents sometimes are forgetful..therefore..have you ever forgotten..misplaced or lost your envelope before your session?

Yes, I put the envelope in my leather jacket inside pocket.  I was wearing my leathers that day.  Went to pull it out and poof it wasnt there.  I searched thru pockets and no envelope.  So I excused myself and went out to search the truck.  Wasnt there either.  Came back in and it dawned on me that I had been wearing a vest and that is where it was.  Talk about heart attack.  I am very careful now.

I normally carry it in my key pocket (varies with the season).  Impossible to get my keys w/o feeling it.  Recently, I had not moved it to my pocket but had in in my "camera bag" (hobby bag, twin to my real camera bag in case someone sees it, thinks nothing of it).  I got into her location & realized where it was.  I offered to go get it then, she declined.  We left together...  when we got to the parking I retrieved the gift...  we joined hands without making a public scene...   the gift was in my hand & she recieved it.  
Had it not been a favorite, it would have been a problem.

However feeble mine is, that is one thing I have not yet, notice I said yet, forgotten.  Although one time I did forget I had booked 2 hrs and only left an hour donation.  Fortunately, she was understanding, and I made things right.

Lord help us old fuckers.....lol

It haunted me on a long trip to see a gal...  I'd have driven back over an hour, if necessary, to make it right.  I feel very strongly about honoring my commitments.

The first one lost it somewhere on the metro.  I told him to come on over anyway.  We knew each other well, and he was already on his way.  The donation could always come later.  We had a very nice time, and we took care of business the next time we met.

Another time a client friend of mine lost his donation somewhere.  He had no clue where.  Again, I told him he could come over anyway.  But he was so embarrassed.  So he did not come to see me that day.  When he did come to see me again, he was still apologizing about it.  I felt sorry for him losing his money like that.  So I comforted him and told him I was not upset about it.  On the contrary, I felt badly for him.

Unfortunately, the lost or misplaced envelope does happen.

made it as far as the car in my garage, as I was double checking to make sure I had everything for the date, I realized I left it on the counter and went back in to get it.

went to put the envelope down it wasn't in my pocket. I had left it in the car so I went out thr front door of her apt. and got the envelope and everything worked out. In fact, I actually got a 2nd good-bye hug, kiss, and a little more.

Had to excuse myself and go out to car to get it, but no problems there.


Years ago, I was renting a house.  I wrote all my checks & putthem in my little truck, on the bucket seat next to me.  The following weekend the landlord shows up all PO'd because the rent check had not arrived.  I was certainly perplexed!  He calmed down when I showed him my check register...  I wrote him a new check & he went away happy.  I put a stop on the check.   Months later I discovered the check in the truck behind the seat where it had slipped down between the cushions.

I don't like envolupes...  after counting several times...  I use a paper clip to keep the bills together & carry them separate from my own funds.

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It was all good though. We had known each other pretty well for a few years so she didn't make an issue of it. The lady & I went to lunch after playtime & I stopped by an ATM to get the donation I had forgotten at home.

spent a lovely time with a long-time associate, and I reached back & there was the envelope in my back pocket.  I went back into the hotel, up to the room and knocked to see her smiling face as I handed her the package.  Then I noticed she had texted me about  it but I still had my phone on silent so I never saw it.  I guess it's a testament as to how comfortable I am with that particular lady. We both had a good laugh after.

I have had gents leave their wallets, watches, and keys, so caca happens! lol

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I somehow misplaced the envelope and didn't realize it until I was in her incall. I had enough money stashed in the car and quickly went back to my car to get the money and proceded with the wonderful session.

Though I didn't relish the thought of losing the money, what I was really fearful of was that I left the envelope, with the money, somewhere my wife would find it. I couldn't come up with a good explaination for a stash of cash in an envelope.

I looked for the envelope in the car one more time and found it behind a seat.

I made the drive home a lot easier.

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