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My favorite was when Charlie turned Alan's chiropractor's office into a brothel. Best line came from Alan at the end: "From what I saw, there were about 40 happy endings."

As an older married gent, I often spend time watching TV with the wife. I am always interested when there is a show or movie on that it hobby related! For example the new show the client list or secret diary of a call girl.

What is going through your mind as you watch one of these shows. While I am still not an expert, I do pick up on all the subtle innuendo, and hobby references. What to you chat about with your SO during the show. Do you say on no that's not true? or do you say maybe we should try that? Do you ever feel she knows something she is not saying?

Inquiring minds what to know!

Sam walked in on a guy who was  getting a massage. He stuck a gun in the guy's ear and said, "Don't lie to me, or there won't be a happy ending this time."

Anything on TV that is even close to being related to hobby.
One of my FAV shows, Two And HalF Men has several shows related to working ladies. They are my favorite episodes, however if SO is within hearing the TV I will change it. Don't need to put any ideas in her pretty head. I have enough ideas in both of mine!

My favorite was when Charlie turned Alan's chiropractor's office into a brothel. Best line came from Alan at the end: "From what I saw, there were about 40 happy endings."

How about the time charlie paid for a lady to visit alan at the house. She finally left after a few minutes and gave back the money!! LMAO

Yeah, that was a scream. I also liked the one where Alan was trying to explain what a 'booty call' was to Jake. Last night, I saw the rerun of when Charlie was banging Kandi's mom and Judith was strapping on Kandi's dad. A laugh a minute!

I checked out the Client List the other day (I had it on my DVR).

I wish all of the men who hobby were as good looking and as in good shape as the men Jennifer Love Hewitt's character was encountering.  All the guys had 6 pack abs, very little body hair, they were young and virile.

I would be more interested in the show if it showed a more realistic depiction of the people in the business.   I'm not saying that I don't occasionally get a young stud with six pack abs but thats far and few between from the gents that I have run into over the last couple of years that I've been in the business.

Yeah, most of your clients are probably like me; old, fat and dumpy, bald or close to it, and with gastric issues.

I love old fat and dumpy, without gas whenever  possible.

It allows one to manscape more without raising suspicions!.

Also makes the Nuru Bodyslide even more fun!

They were nice to look at but I thought come on most of these men do not look like 80% (being conservative) of the ones I do see. The majority look like the gentleman with the crazy/stalker wife who confronted JLH's character. When I saw him I literally said "THANK YOU' out loud when I saw him.

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I'm only an average looking buy, but up until I was 50 years old, I always had attractive women willing to date me.  That's why 90% of my sexual experience is with civie woman, and not escorts.

However, now that I'm older, balder, heavier, and have more body hair, I'll look forward to giving you a call some day.  :-)

I'm not an ageist so I try to see anyone interested as long as they can come up with the information I need for my safety. Hot young actors, producers, sports pros, musicians, geeks I see quite ALOT of really HOT guys. Sometimes the types oif guys we see comes in saves. One week older guys say all over 60 and the next they'll all be under 30. I do believe they come to see me for a multitude of reason. I have the experience, I can show them new things, I don't judge them, I'm discrete, I'll do things boys won't ask their SO's. I treat everyone the same.

How about the secret service not paying for their escorts. The President wouldn't have to use the words escort or prostitute if Secret Service guy had just paid for his service.

I do wonder if I talk dirty in my sleep bc I'm such a dirty talker I wouldn't be surprised. Just like when I was a waittress and heard I was talking about crab legs in my sleep. I can imagine myself talking about cock and boy pussy in my sleep ...LOL

I think its possible with all the different programs that glamorize escort service, it may have drawn more out to come and visit us all.

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