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be safe and not silly.... ask your Doctor. I won't hurt.
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I know this has been covered a number of times in the past, but where is a good, reliable, and inexpensive source for viagra via the internet? Are Canadian suppliers the best source?  Over 60 and in need of viagra despite the lovely providers we meet, I am in need of a good new source.  Help anyone?

It's easy - just go to your regular doctor and tell him/her what you want - I am 64 - my doctor (a woman in her late 30s) not only was happy to write the prescription but she also gave me a bag full of samples - I researched a bunch of the online pharmacies and found that CVS was a better price. It's not like buying pain killers - it's mainstream medicine - go for it!

My doc told me.  The pills cost about the same reguardless of dose.  So if you use the 25, cut the 100s into 4.  The V pills taste like crap...  the only reason for the coating...  but you'll not be holding them in your mouth, just swish them with a gulp of water.  Oh, yes, in my experience they take effect faster if cut.

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