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It's the main way I stay up on my favorites who are coming to town....
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I meet lots of great gals on TER, and the ad boards are indispensable for me.

we have regional ad boards at our disposal...gents..do we actually use them? if so what percentage of your providers come from that source? do you have better or poorer luck in performance from a provider when you find one there compared to other sources of our providers?

I can't recall if I ever chose a provider and booked her just based on her TER ad.  I'm sure that over the last 6 years, I have probably done it.  Remember, the ad boards have only been around since last year, and before that, all provider ads were on the regional boards.  Keeping that in mind, that was the place I probably found many of my providers, at least in the beginning.  Nowadays, I look everywhere.

But, after deciding on a provider, there is the research to do, which means finding out as much as I can about her before contacting her.  As I have said many times before, it doesn't really matter where you find a provider, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!


My ATF uses the Regional Ad Board regularly. Though I did not first decide to see her based on a TER ad, since she did not regularly use TER at the time, I have made arrangements to see ladies based on their Ads on the Regional Boards. It is just one of many sources that we hobbyists have.

are visiting areas I might be visiting; for those that don't know, Florida is a big state and those of us who live in one area sometimes want to spend time with ladies from other areas.

are a great way to see who is in town, has available incall, etc.

It is a notification of availability, but not a replacement to research.

mconnection, you have me on Ignore. I was trying to answer your PM.

in the cities that I usually get to visit, I always check the regional ads to see if some one new catches my eye.TER continues to be my primary source for meeting escorts.

I didn't start looking there until the last couple of months. I now check them every time I log on. I will admit I have seen a few ads that attracted my attention and will likely be researching soon. TER is quickly becoming my only source for providers to research.

I meet lots of great gals on TER, and the ad boards are indispensable for me.

You can not search reviews for specifics. BUT you can search ads. It is always nice to see who is available NOW!

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