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Yeah But.
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We had miniskirts with no panties in classrooms and public streaking. And in Ohio we had creek parties. man they were pretty great or as we used to say. Groovy!!!

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my generation's biggest shortcoming- Spring Break!  Why didn't it occur to us that if you got coeds stupid drunk with beer bongs they'd take of their tops on the beach?

We may have done some great things as a generation, but when it comes to finding excuses to flash your tits, today's kids kick our butts compared to when we were in school.  In fact, the whole concept of Spring Break really didn't even exist when I was in college.  We just went home for a week.

Wet T-shirt contests, body shots, jello shots, beer pong, the list goes on and on, and all of them seem to be quite effective in making tops come off.  Talk about a lost opportunity, what were we thinking?

i think they call it the sexual revolution..

...in the '70's and '80's where women were more than happy to take off their tops!  Including one well-endowed woman right before she did a bungee jump.  The crowd went wild, but she was really hurting by the time they lowered her back down to the ground...

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I did see lots of men and women face down in the gutter, however, when we'd arrive at the track at 6:00 AM, so I'm guessing I was on the road when the real fun was taking place.

Al I remember is drinking more in a 24 hour period than I ever have before or since.  We'd drive a van all night long with 4 or 5 guys and get to the track at 6:00 AM, and everyone but the driver would be drinking continuously (the driver would only sip, LOL).  Those were the days, and of course, there was the mandatory White Castle stop on the way home to refuel (us, not the van).

I was there all those years (and a bunch more)!  We had great luck, usually at the mass street party the night before the race, and on the infield after the race.

Love Power!!  Black lights, mattresses on the floor and insense burning.  And all the free love.  And that was every weekend . lol  Peace out

We had miniskirts with no panties in classrooms and public streaking. And in Ohio we had creek parties. man they were pretty great or as we used to say. Groovy!!!

warm spring day, pony keg we'd put in the icy cold creek water & lay out in the warm sun & drink icy cold beer until we were blind.  Great times!  Then we'd go back to campus & crash & get up in the morning & try to catch up on classes.  Not sure how we ever graduated!

Where in hell are the kids getting the money to carouse like this?

cashed in grand-ma's plane tickets & drove home to West Viginia.  He drove a flat black Dodge...  all the chrome had been painted over...  with a 440 & (2) 4bbls...    Returned with his suitcase in the back seat & the trunk full of gallon jugs of clear liquid.  Let's just say there was an "entrepreneur" in the family.   In those days before disc brakes his car (and my Charger) were scarey fast.

I remember cutting class one fine Spring day with my GF & another couple, driving a couple of hours & taking my Dad's sloop out for a sail.  Being as I was supposed to be in class, I didn't exactly have permission...   We had a nice sail, we broke out bathing suits, anchored for lunch.  As far as I know, the uncle who waved to us on the water (Oh crap, I gotta wave back or try to convince the harbor patrol that we really didn't steal it.) never ratted us out.   I never got any flack if he did.  

Never into girls flashing tits...  more into sucking & f*******.

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