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Why the problem?confused_smile
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IF she is well known and well reviewed there should be no problem.

Don't know where you are shopping but in my neck of the woods there aren't any "same day" specials from "well know - well reviewed" ladies.

When I am perusing the ads and see a well known well reviewed provider advertise a special such as 50.00 off regular rate for just the day of the post only. there is no way I take that special. Even if I have plans to see the lady. I would rather pay full price. I See pictures in my mind of a revolving door on her incall and a guy coming out and a guy going in continuously. Now if she says she will honor the special for the next week I may take advantage of it. But if only good for one day I feel that there will be too many guys wanting the special. and I am pretty sure that by the 3rd guy she will be faking everything. And as I said before I have to believe its real or forget it. I have seen a special like this and the lady said it was only good for the next 2 gents. that would be fine with me. Ladies if you disagree with me please let me know and explain why. Gents, Whats your take on this.

IF she is well known and well reviewed there should be no problem.

Don't know where you are shopping but in my neck of the woods there aren't any "same day" specials from "well know - well reviewed" ladies.

to generate volume during slow times.

To sacrifice quality for a special would be antithical to the purpose, because then they would just be driving away future business instead of building it.

I've never had a problem with this.

Many ladies run a special so they may meet a new friend who might be passing by the ad board. We are really a captive audience here so she is getting limited views on that day not like BackPage. By posting many gentlemen will start some correspondence with the lady even though they don't see her that day. Remember she also has to verify which takes time and is tough for same day dates.

Specials are a way to get noticed not line guys up out your door.

Take advantage of her special or not, go see the lady and expect you will be just as happy with her special as her regular priced time. Only time it might not be the same is with 30 minute sessions being offered.

Kisses Haley

They just dont grab my attention as they might some.  Being personable seems to do it for me.  The right words in a ad is what it takes. And no I havent the foggiest what they are, depends on the day.

I take advantage of specials offered by the agencies I use. I have been offered a special rate from time to time by a few indies I see regularly. I don't check ads very often except here on TER. I'd see a well reviewed TER lady with a special, no problem. I don't think they generate a stampede to her place. She has to screen and guys would have to have their schedule free and have the donation. I know I have to do a little preparation to see a lady, special or not.

I didn't say I don't take advantage of specialsl. I said I don't ever do the same day specials. I love specials. And has been stated by another. I have favorites that give me specials regularly. My complaint is with same day specials.

....if you still plan or want to pay full price good for you (and no I don't mean that in a sarcastic kind of way).  Sometimes I think specials or certain discounts should be seen as a thank you ....sometimes.

I know you know we're not your real girlfriends and just play the part of of it during the duration of the date. So what do you mean you have to believe it's real? You know we're not really dating-dating.....though of course granted it IS a date.

IF any decent provider is worth her salt you will be made to feel special NO MATTER WHAT if you are truly the first of the day or  gasp  (the gasp is sarcasm lol) you're the 3rd of the day. If she's clean for you and refreshed why would it matter if you are the 3rd ....it DOESN'T mean she cares any less if you have a great time and that you leave thoroughly pleased.  And i'm sure most of us can take care of ourselves and know when to say know when we've reach our "appt max" of the day.  Long answer short if you think she's faking it by the 3rd guy you're probably wrong.

once again I will say I didn't say I don't like specials. Just said I don't do same day specials. didn't know people would get bent out of shape because I give my opinion. And when I said I have to believe its real. I meant that I have to believe she is enjoying the session too. Doesn't mean she can't be faking. if I can't tell or sense it then really doesn't matter.

....and I hope you don't think I was getting out of shape about specials because I definitely wasn't....hence the uh lol smiley face.

that she's not doing all that on any day you might see her, specials or not.  I don't get the logic; apparently you think that a $ 50 special will create a storm of guys to her door which otherwise might not occur, and that will somehow offend your sense of importance to her day.  I submit that at any time you engage a lady, you have no idea who, when or how recently she was with someone else.  So if avoiding ladies offering specials gives you some sense of 'specialness' then more power to you.  You may just be finding reasons to preclude saving a few bucks, but that's up to you.

I have noticed that some of the replys on my post either didn't understand what I said or didn't read the complete post. So I will say one more time. I didn't say that I don't take advantage of specials. I certainly do. What I said is I don't take the specials that are a one day only offer. And basicly those were the specials I was speaking of. Not to say that nobody should. Thats just my opinion. And naturally you are entitled to yours. Thanks for your post.

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