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New Guidelines for Massage Reviews
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My guess is that the powers that be are unlikely to create a special checkbox for "DIY".

I know that some TER readers could care less than a sensual massage is DIY.  Others, like myself, see no reason to pay for a sensual massage that is DIY.

So I propose that in the general public section of the review, reviewers prominently post "this is a DIY situation" or something to that effect.

In the review menu under "actual services provided," they have "sex:" yes or no; "massage:" with a drop down menu, (no, clothed, topless, privates to privates, etc), "blowjob:" with a drop down menu (no, with condom, without condom, etc). They could add "handjob:" yes or no.
Then if you look at a review that says sex-no, blowjob-no, handjob-no, you don't have to look any farther into the review. It should be easy enough to add one line item to the existing review menu, that is still in line with the rest of the menu, rather than adding a "DIY" checkbox.

That's what I was thinking , an extra option like HJ: yes or no would definitely help. I also think if that's the case they should never get a score higher than 7 , if I remember correctly that was the general rule for massage only providers anyway.
DIY is trendy in msp

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I completely agree! If you're not interested in DIY you sometimes have to read each review carefully because the reviewer doesn't always come out and say it. This way if you're looking for a handjob, you can search on it, in the same way you can search for blowjob, cum in mouth, etc.

Hardly anyone does it that way up here, Idk why. But that would also be helpful to the gents ISO that or not.

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