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how long does it take for you to cool down and stop thinking about the wonderful lady you just left?

to frequently think about the special friends that I have met and that have enriched my life. When I read their posts, i recall the good times that we shared.

turning around and going back for more? Probably a good hour till I start going back to real life.  But I do find myself reliving events when things are quiet for months.

At least a day or so. But as a previous poster said, the experience lingers until I see the next lady. But even after that there will still be times I remember. Yes, most of the time due to something on TER or another site causing me to remember. I usually write the review within a day or so and that helps keep things fresh on my mind.

Today work is going to be filled with thoughts of last night. I had an exceptional session with a lady I've been wanting to see for several months now. She was back in town and we were able to work out a meeting. I'm still walking on that cloud. Yes, I'll share. My review should be up in the next couple of days.

"Memories.....echo through the pages of my mind....

Often it takes a few days for me, however I spend to much time day dreaming, and keep causing another Woody.

Historically I usually never would dwell on the young lady that I just left. On occasion someone special, and exceptional, would particularly grab my attention for longer periods and draw me back again with their charms, but that was rare.
Here recently (the past 7 months) I have been totally captivated and dwell way more than is normal, or probably acceptable, for the hobby. OK, so shoot me, I am a total, freakin', boring, predictable, slobbering puppy dog. But, I am having more fun than anyone else.

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