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BeautywithBrains See my TER Reviews 4361 reads

If you reply to a post via PM, or contact a gentleman/lady on the ISO board via PM, don't you think that the least one can do is send a quick reply?  I have gents and ladies PM me all the time, and no issue/comment is too trivial to ignore.  If I reply to a post via PM, and I am not your cup of tea (or the lady I refer you to), just tell me.  No harm; no foul.  It just seems like common courtesy.

Hugs and Kisses,

HobbyCity2443 reads

1. Just because you send someone a PM does not mean that person is a VIP member. If that person is not VIP, they can't read your message or respond to it since VIP membership is required to do both.

2. Not everyone logs into their TER account or hobby email account everyday. Some log in once a week, once a month or even longer which means your message will sit in their inbox until they login.

3. Not everyone opts to be notified by email when they receive a message via PM. Even if they opt in, their awareness still depends on how often they login to their email account which might not be that often if a separate email account from their personal lives is maintained.

She's talking about replying to folks who have already used a PM for initial contact.  Wouldn't that mean that they are VIP and able to send PM's?  Also, if you choose to communicate via PM you really should be checking your PM's on a regular basis.

Everything you posted makes sense when referring to someone sending a blind PM but that's not the issue here.

HobbyCity3481 reads

I think you should read her post again.

"If you reply to a post via PM......."

I am fairly certain that she is responding to guys posting on the ISO board by sending them private messages. Unless a guy specifically requests to be contacted by PM or states PM is an option, her best alternative is to respond to their post directly on the board if possible and let the OP initiate contact through her website, email, phone etc.

Either way, no harm no foul but if you initiate contact and decide to back out, courtesy is important.

...I log in every few days, as I do not want e-mail alerts, etc.

  I should have been more specific: if someone asks to be pm'd, but then does not reply, that is just rude.  A simple; you are not what I am looking for, two hours is more than I would like to visit, or a simple, thank you for your input/suggestion, would suffice.

Hugs and Kisses,

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