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I see you did make the changes ;) eom
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It would be nice to have an option for "email only" instead of having our phone numbers on our profiles. Many of us won't take phone calls or return voicemails as we require that our clients fill out our contact page on our websites to be verified first. I just turned my phone on and its been off for a week. The mailbox was full and it had deleted 6 already. This makes the gentlemen think we are ignoring their calls. There is a reason we do email only first where we can verify the client is safe before we spend alot of wasted time.

Having it say "voicemail" after phone type doesn't help us at all.

Contact admin and have them change the numbers in your profile to (555) 555-5555 or something like that.

Also remove your numbers from your website and ads etc. Only give it out once an appt. is confirmed. That will clue a reviewer that you are "email only" and prefer not to have your number in your profile.

You can also state in your ads or website that you prefer reviewers submit reviews without your phone # but as email only.

MinnetonkaOne is correct. Contact admin and have the phone number removed from your profile. However you need to remove it from your ads too. It is clearly on your p411 ad. As long as it stays there, (or anywher online), any member can submit a problem report and have your phone number added back to your profile. If you want to be contacted by email only (as many ladies are) you need to be consistant. Don't publish your phone number anywhere! You only give it out after screening. I have met ladies who never gave their number out at all. All contact was through email, right up to the date. No "2 call" system or anything. That doesn't work out good always, but it has worked for me except for once. I think the best situation is all emails, up until the final communication before the date.  (i.e. room number)

Some profiles say "email only" in the phone number space, and some say 555-555-5555.

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