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Hey TER! A VOUCH System? Please?
serpius 3839 reads

Hey TER,

Here's a suggestion that I think will benefit TER greatly by increasing traffic to this website and draw away traffic from what I consider a few websites that are nothing more than a 'post and bitch' websites.

The review system that TER has in place is good, but not great. TER can make it GREAT by implementing a VOUCH system similar to another website (shall remain nameless at this time).

I would like to see TER become a "clearinghouse" for verified reviews and VOUCHES without the drama that goes on in the forums. That's my vision that I have for TER.

I know that there are some great programmers out there that can make some sort of arrangement with TER management to come up with a VOUCH system that will benefit both the hobbyists and providers.

I briefly mentioned this in another posting, but I'll repeat here.

Create a VOUCH system where a hobbyist has seen a provider previously. Instead of writing out another review, that only benefits the provider not the hobbyist, submit a VOUCH for that provider and award that hobbyist an additional one or two days of VIP access.

That way both parties benefit from the VOUCH system. If TER keeps the number of days granted to hobbyists for each VOUCH small (1-2 days), then the potential for VOUCH abuse is small. Also, the VOUCHES will only be good for a certain period of time, for example, 12 months.

I'm sure that others who read this will comment more on this, but I think this is a great starting point to get TER to become "THE SITE" for hobbyists and providers to go to.

Just my 3 cents...


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