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Meena you might want to check out the FL ad board. Specifically the weekly ads for Paradise Men's Club, last ad was on 4/13, I'm guessing there will be one this week on 4/20.

Many times, one or more of the girls that work there, will ad to the thread, and some Do have reviews.

I haven't personally been there so can't be 100% sure it's a Strip Club, but sounds like it to me, or something real close.


An idea for a new board might be Strip Clubs.

I often see requests for info on regional boards for guys traveling to those areas to recommend Strip Clubs.

This could be a forum for that, also why stop there, perhaps a review section too.

I know this is an Escort Review Site, but we do have a section for Massage Reviews, also a Section just for Massage Parlor Discussion.

I'd be willing to wager that there are way more Hobbyists (and Providers too) that have been to Strip Clubs, than have been to Massage Parlors.

Just a thought,


The Ultimate Strip Club List has been around for many years and has a sizable and reliable data base of club info and reviews.  

While I certainly wouldn't be opposed to seeing a section here on TER for it as well it would be years before any sort of reliable club listing data base would be established here.

Thanks for the suggestion BG57, I wasn't aware of that site.

I know of a couple of other sites that also offer Strip Club Reviews (didn't think I was allowed to mention them here on TER) but one is extremely regional (mainly Texas) and the other is very outdated with 'latest' reviews sometimes going back 2,3, or more years ago.

Again, my thought was that since TER is an extremely valuable Hobby tool, why not cover this part of the hobby also?

The other sites i refered to also offer Escort Reviews, but again, same downside.


So by the logic you're using, getting a handjob at a Massage Parlor (which there is a Discussion Board for, and also Review Sections for) is part of the Hobby, but getting a Blowjob at a Strip Club is Not part of the Hobby?

And before someone states that you don't ever get blowjobs or full service at Strip Clubs, well maybe you just haven't been to the right Strip Clubs.


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Yep, can't explain it, but massage parlors, aromatherapy shops, are hobby.
Strip clubs are not the hobby.   I can't explain it, but they just aren't.

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