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So I was cruising on Santa Monica, more towards the east side of Hollywood area and noticed the street scene.  It's on a small cross street near western.  There's actually quite a few packs in that whole little neighborhood.

Most looked like TS, but could be some gg as well.

Are the chances of LE high?  What is the normal donation?  Do I just pull up and let em in or park and walk up?

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Exercise Caution...Thats a pretty rough area........To answer your questions above.....I'd stay in your car.  NO reason to walk up to them.  Also, if they are in that area, they will more than likely take you to their apartment.   The TS population in that area is pretty thick but so are the latin gang bangers so walking is not recommended.

On a side note, if you are from LA/Hollywood you often see movies and commercials being filmed in the area.  I'm not sure why but if a movie is being filmed, you will always see two motorcycle cops. One at each end of the filming area, movie trucks, equipment, and film employees in between.  I've noticed the two rent a motorcycle cops are often the same two old retired overweight cops at every filming.  Well, one day, I'm cutting through the area to go home after a sales appt and I see a filming at the corner you are describing.  I rolled down my window at the corner, motioned the old geezer cop, and asked what was being filmed?  I than asked if it was "Tranny Hookers Invade East Hollywood" and the old grumpy overweight, overpaid fat and happy retired rent a motorcycle cop actually laughed.  

LATSDog over and out.

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the street scene seems to have really shrunk on SM Blvd, especially with no more Peanuts or Yukon. I see a lot more law enforcement, too.  I guess most have gone to the internet.

I used to love browsing old books stores. Now I can find any book I want within minutes on the internet... but I still miss those old book stores!

was it by the adult bookstore near oxford? ive seen some real hot ones over there, also by a taco truck off ardmore is another good spot? are there any other good spots in that area?

At what cross streets are you guys seeing all this action?  A couple months ago after checking out the scene at Blue Moon Nights, I did a drive by on my way back home. Gower, Vine, near SM, and didn't see a thing.  Maybe because it was Thursday?

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For those of us who have jobs that require us to get up early, the street action is a thing of the past.  I have grown to enjoy a good nights sleep so my info below may be a bit dated but should still have some accuracy to it.....

You won't see much on SM Blvd itself these days, LE is thick.  The areas mentioned below were packed with street action at one time but not at 10pm, 11pm or sometimes even midnight...........If you want to take a drive late (and I mean 2am or later) around....

1.  Ardmore and SM Blvd, down Ardmore to Romaine and then Romaine over to Normandie....

2.  Gower/Lexington, Lexington/El Centro, Fountain/Gower.

3.  On SM Blvd, going east from Western, you will sometimes see them on the corner at a street on the right before the freeway.  Think that may be Oxnard???  

4.  Sometimes further down SM blvd between Normandie and Vermont (but not as frequent)

5.  On Virginia Street between Wilton and Bronson and sometimes between Bronson and and Gower on Lexington (one street up).

During the day, the TS working girls and walking dogs are still active, maybe 1 to 3 of them and they seem to walk the block starting on Gower by Fountain, around the corner to Lexington and over to El Centro. I pass by that area a few days a week and see them almost every time. They are not spring chickens but attractive and I doubt anyone knows they are TS girls.

Lastly, and this is info from a previous post (I have no idea), but hear that the area where the yukon is located, across the street and down to LaBrea can often have girls and the post that I read said they were smoking hot.

But this means you are taking more risk....if LE sees ya, I have a feeling you will be pulled over so why not just go to and search with your fingers in the privacy and safety of your home.

Again, this info is a bit dated but should still have some accuracy.  As I have gotten older, the hormones have calmed down, which means I have lost the desire to drive around at 3am window shopping.

Good luck.

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This has been my observation for the most part as well.  The scene has dried up since Peanuts, the Yukon, and the Blacklite have closed.

For what it's worth, about 10 miles southeast of Hollywood, the small unincoporated area of Walnut Park has a decent TS street scene at night, usually on Pacific Blvd, between Florence Avenue south to about Cudahy Ave or Broadway, they're out about 10 or 11PM until sunrise. Nowhere near the quality in Hollywood, but it's pretty consistant. LA County sheriffs and CHP patrol fairly heavily here, so use your head...dont be cruising with expired registration and a broken tail light. Further south, on Long Beach BL between the 105 and 91 is a booming GG scene.

I have also recently seen a few TS in East LA, near Cesar Chavez and Soto, as well as the stretch of Whittier between the 710 and Atlantic Blvd. It's pretty spotty though: one or two at the most, usually after 2AM on weekends.

El Monte has been dead lately, though just yesterday I did see a rather attractive TS in daisy dukes and a tank top hanging out just watching the cars go by at the burger joint on Garvey and Seaman.  For what it's worth, the action used to be late nights on Garvey, between Valley Blvd and about Central Ave, the bulk of the action centering on Garvey within 2 or 3 blocks east and west of Santa Anita Ave, in El Monte. There is however, some sporadic GG daytime action in the same area. Beware: El Monte PD and South El Monte sheriffs patrol this area heavily.

Havent been down to Long Beach lately, I hear it's dead as well.

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