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Ability to ignore an alias.
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I have been testing out this new ignore user feature and it is a good start. A couple issues:

1. Can we please have the ability to ignore an alias poster?

This feature is not working right now and defeats the purpose of having an ignore user feature. I don't care who is behind the alias.

If one chooses to ignore a poster using an alias or real handle, my preferences is the ignore feature apply to both their real handle and alias.

If anything, the inability to ignore an alias might only encourage more users to post using an alias since they can't be blocked and can remain a pest.

2. If an ignored poster starts a new thread, can the entire thread be made to vanish completely rather than have bits and pieces of other posters on the thread appear?

This feature is worthless if we cannot ignore aliases !!!I thought that was the whole purpose to having an ignore feature

Once the collective members are given a choice , one where they have an option to ignore aliases, instead of having to constantly be attacked by those that are NOT held accountable of there actions.

Ignoring someone does not prevent him/her from attacking you! It just prevents you from reading his attacks! Everyone else can still read it!

What if some one who is a pest has more than one account, how do you ignore them in that case?

You could click the button in the top far right corner of the screen any time you like.

I don't get the ignore button. If you don't want to read a post, don't open it!! I am in total agreement with bigvern. Why do you actually need a button to ignore someone?

On the other hand, as long as they do have an ignore feature, you may as well be able to ignore aliases too. however, if they do that, the aliases would have to be ignored independently of the handle. If you ignore a handle and the alias is automatically ignored too, then that would out the alias, and defeat the purpose of an alias! (of course the anti alias people will say "good!" but that is not good.)

As for your idea of the whole thread disappearing, why? Some people might want to ignore a a specific poster, but not ignore everyone who replies. And again, if you don't like a thread, can't you just ignore it on your own??

Also as vern said, what is to stop someone from creating a new alias or a new handle?

I just do't get the ignore button!! Are people that helpless, that they need a button instead of just not opening the damn post???

I  find most posters who fight for aliases  use them for bad behavior.By having  an ignore button on aliases ,you would see a vast majority choosing to ignore the obnoxious ones.
People, sir are not helpless they are just fed up with these sand gnats!
As to Vern suggestion ..well yes they can, but the same applies also in that once they are seen as sand gnat just apply button and poof.
Hey admin. could leave general discussion same and allow all you that like to be obnoxious your own forum .But what use is sand gnats on a newbie board or media board?What they need more boards to spread there ilk?

for you, therapy might be in order. No one is that important that I would give them the satisfaction of putting them on ignore lol. I am sure I am on more than a few lists though....classic!!

...have the power & that feature.

"Don't click on the post/thread"'s like changing channels when watching TV & programs you don't like....move on.

I never use any "ignore" button because I want to keep up with what those asshats are up to!

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