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My take on UTR is a lady who chooses to see only a few of her clients, and clients by word of mouth with no ads up.

Under The radar to me means that a lady/provider is very disceet with her postngs. She will only post on usually one site and may or may not have a website. most of her appointments are made through word of mouth from her regulars. Lately I have noticed a few reviews that state the lady is UTR but she will have reviews on 3 or 4 sites and have a website and even post on BP. Now I am just wondering how she can be considered UTR.

Once a provider posts on a site, has any reviews listing her " name " and especially has a BP ad  she is no longer UTR

info about UTR's are passed around backchannel  peroid

My take on UTR is a lady who chooses to see only a few of her clients, and clients by word of mouth with no ads up.

I see several UTR gals whom I met at MPs over the years.  Some still do work at the MP, others have left and moved on.

There is also one or two gals who were friends with an escort I knew and got introduced that way for threesomes, then I started seeing them alone.

None of these gals have any web presence or reviews of any kind, and they don't advertise at all.

Just being an escort with a site who doesn't work too hard at finding clients by going on the boards or having ads on every mall site around does not make one UTR, IMHO.

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There is a gal that I see regularly that lives in my neighborhood that I met at the tennis court-I would see her around the community and we started out exchanging pleasantries, etc..it was very interesting how the subject came up over a drink at the club one day after a mixed doubles set but in this case it has worked out great for me!  She is most definitely"Under The Radar" .  She certainly does no advertising and has by word of mouth established a very good clientel and it works for her!  But there is no way a gal that advertises on websites is "UTR" !

....as in frequency and where. There's a semi-UTR lady who is active on here but only advertises on eros and ter, that's it and she stopped allowing reviews as of about 1yr ago.  Someone completely utr imo wouldn't advertise anywhere and would be active only once in a blue moon on certain forums.

True UTR would be no ads and no reviews.  I have seen ladies go under and pretty much just disappear.    But there are some with low profiles.  You see an ad here and there and they seldom post. But they are still very active in the hobby.

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