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72, twice a week. That's impressive! eom
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One thing I have noticed is that it takes a lot longer for me to reach orgasm then it did when I was younger; I'm almost 66.  Even when I've waited one or two weeks before seeing someone.  You'd think (and my mind tells me) that I'm going to explode fairly quickly since I certainly am horny.  Guess it's a mixed blessing.  I also dislike it when I go for a fbsm and the provider feels like she has to beat it like a jack hammer.  Slow and easy is much better.  I'm interested in other reactions.  How do you like it if you are getting just a hj?

dont complain..age has one huge benefit..orgasms do take longer..you enjoy it more instead of popping load after load and cleaning up  [or getting it up]..i personally hate hand jobs..i had my fill as a teenager at the drive-in movies..remember those?  a good provider has plenty of ways to make you happy..her hand shouldnt be one of them..

The right women know instinctively how to make me last and slowly build to an explosive finish. Sometimes it's CIM, whicj i love, and sometimes in the context of intercourse, which i also love. Every once in a while, when junior fails me, a provider will use a combination of BJ, HJ to bring me to completion and that's better than not getting to the finish line at all.  By the way - personal opinion .... In those instances, I do not like cuming on a woman's face or body. Some may disagree but IMHO Thats for porn movies and I think it's degrading. IMHO

There is no question that aging delays achieving orgasm.  I am 72 and have sex, on average, about twice a week.  I certainly prefer orgasm during intercourse or oral sex, but there are times when a combo hj/bj with a prostate massage is quite effective.  Even with a good erection, there are times when I can't achieve an orgasm, but I find that such a failure does not significantly diminish my enjoyment.  I do believe that ED drugs, particularly Viagra, further delay orgasm.

When you reach my age, you become quite aware of how quickly your health can change.  My attitude is to keep on plugging as long as I can, since I know the time is not to far away when all I will have are my memories which are also in jeopardy.  I am lucky to have wonderful ladies who know how to deal with these issues and my anxieties.

I find the more often I visit the ladies the better I do in the orgasm department.  But like you I do love the slow workup.  I, like others have mentioned, dont care for the old handjob thang BUT I have had one that was kinda unique. She used some sort of oil and was just rubbing it in general.   Not the up and down thing kinda like she was trying to get the oil rubbed in.   Was a strange yet very pleasant feeling.  And it worked big time!

OMG, i think hj's are awesome.
I would say, slow and easy.

I love FBSM and have had very nice HJ's Slow and easy is always best.. But being slower to cum has it benefits too. When looking for a FBSM lady ask if she knows what edging is? A LONG and slow tease just to the edge can bring an intense ending to a most wonderful massage! See if you can last the hour!

Nice discussion; thanks to all.  Had not heard the expression "edging" before, but it is something I have enjoyed with a few.  Also to those who have expressed a negative feel about hj's, I would add that a very slowly done hj with a bit of teasing can be exquisite.

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