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Sex, dinner and movies, sleeping, more sex -e-
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Mine are seeing a long time client and viewing the Cherry Blossoms in DC. They are just glorious, it makes you feel like you are in wonderland.

Traveling this weekend, but have some fun arranged for Saturday evening.  Hope I don't drown!

seeing two of my favorite porn stars..i am being bad again..if i make it till monday it will be a minor miracle..

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Weekends tend to be very slow. Understandable. But damn! I'm not any less horny! Lol!

It's my favorite place to unwind and enjoy the beautiful tropical atmosphere. By the way, good food as well

Have wanted to visit DC myself Kendra and enjoy the site and smell of Cherry Blossoms everywhere. I hear it is beautiful to stroll through the many parks around the capital. I wonder if it's worth getting a day trip in order without getting a room. Hotel rooms are hard to come by and expensive.

Kisses Haley

Well, since my boat got out of cry dry dock today, and prepped for the water, I want to spend it at the lake. But, It looks like it is going to spent doing my Mom's, my Son's, any my taxes.
WhooHoo, sounds like fun.
No worries, my "real" fun will come next week.

My favorite time to visirt the district of corruption.

Was plannning on Cactus League game....but recuperating now. after a visit to the ER.

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The best time of the year to visit the district of corruption.

Was going to a cactus League game, but now recuperating from a trip to the ER.

My plans for the weekend:  Doing my income taxes.

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