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~Amazing Amber in Washington, DC Wed. June 13 thru the 23rd
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~~~Amazing Amber~~~
"Meet me in Washington, DC"  Wed. June 13 thru the 23rd

Hair color - Blonde

Eyes- Blue

Height & Weight- 5'7 & 132lbs

Measurements- 36D - 25- 36

Dress & Shoe size- 6 Dress & 8 shoe

Implants- Yes

Ethnicity - American
I Love -  Traveling and meeting new people, I enjoy watching a great NBA game as much as I love going to a nice lounge and relaxing with a good martini

Favorite animal- Pom Pups

Favorite flower- Daisy's
Favorite time of the year- Spring Time The weather perfect for any occasion

Favorite sport - Basketball (Thunder at heart:)

Diamonds or Pearls? Yes

I'm at my best with a fresh smelling spotless man!

Smoker - No

Tattoos or piercings - Ears are pierced and I do have 4 tattoos that stay hidden under my clothes.

Favorite drink -  Patron with orange juice

Hobbies - I work out 4 days a week and enjoy watching a great love story
What you will like most about me- Friends say I am a very caring and passionate woman with a great zest for all things life have to offer and you will love how I am always ready and willing to try almost anything..  You will be surprised at my nice, easy-going demeanor and my very soft voice. I view every encounter as a potential friendship and strive to make the time we spend together as memorable as possible.
A Little bit about me - I'm intelligent and elegant and exhibit these qualities in everything I do. The confidence I carry myself with allows me to be approachable and friendly, but I can also be assertive and playfully demanding.

Spoil me with- Spafinders.com gift cards, LaPerla Lingerie

My favorite quote- The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. quoted by Arthur c. Clarke


1 hour  $400.00

2 hours $700.00

3 hours $1050.00

4 hours $1400.00

Don't forget our Special Promotion starting May 15, 2012

Anytime during the promotion when you book at Apres Vous, you get 1 point for every hour that you book ( 1 hour = 1 point, 2 hours =2 points etc) When you collect 13th points your next date hour is FREE! (Yes really Free as in Leave your wallet at home Free).

Not to worry, this will not effect the quality of your time, as we are covering the girls full fee (instead of you)

The Fine print:
Promotion cannot be used with your Birthday discount. It's either or not Both.

Sorry, any points that you have saved up from before cannot be honored. We are starting everyone at zero and hope you get to your Free in no time!

Important Info:

Booking number: 1-877-230-8900 (Information and booking your time with one of the girls).

Confirming & Checking in number: 1-877-230-8902 (Once you have booked with one of the girls and are on her calendar).

Online booking link: http://www.apresvous.com/booking.asp

Online Pre-Verify link: http://www.apresvous.com/verify.asp

Email: renee@apresvous.com

Website: www.apresvous.com

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Our Hours (Eastern Time Zone)

7 days: about 8:30 AM to 11:30pm

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