TS Nena
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Any word on her yet?

TS Nena Chicago
Anyone with an experience with her? I do not see any reviews for her anywhere?

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I was looking as well....It gets me a little worried when the phone is from Southfield MI. and 80 seems to be a big discount if you know what I mean. From my standpoint it is not worth getting Scammed

Yeah that was what I was thinking. I sure wish someone had some info. She is a cutie.

Still hoping somone has info on her :)

Difficult to tell what is happening here.  There is another TS, London, who at one time shared the 312-285-6419 phone number.  She is a looker and on backpage now.

Posted By: stashjam1013
Still hoping somone has info on her :)

really? yeah that is strange. Oh well may be tgtbt  She is a hottie and was hoping to see her.

Any word on her yet?

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