TS Gigi, discussed recently....
LATSDog 8407 reads

One of our contributing board members went to see GiGi and I have to say, unless you like super super agressive, dominant providers, you may want to read the reviews before you go see her.  She has great pictures, quite sexy but I for one am into sensual, sexy, and feminine, not an agressive dominant brutal session like he describes....

I'm also mostly into sensual, sexy, and feminine, and lately I've taken to trying a little light domination with the T-girls that provide it (nothing outrageous, mind you, and I always start things out soft before letting her get more dominant; I'm finding it to be a real turn-on)... but shit, man, Gigi takes the cake. Militantly aggressive, no regard for what the client wants, rude as hell, and after-the-fact upselling? I'll spell it out in three letters: No. Fucking. Way.

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