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I so remember that back in high school.....in the 60's, that was a true touchdown so to speak....the "outdoor theater" and a wealth of conquests....ahhhh memories!

As I understand it, the question among the younger set is do you get a blow job on the first date.  Methinks many here are old enough to remember that a kiss, sans tongue was a boon.  We had high hopes, generally dashed, but we keep seeking nirvana.  Then one day, it happened, our hand was clutching a warm, soft, breast.  Yes, for each man, his first tit in hand is a memorable event.  I have set up this discussion to memorialize those charming ladies whose breasts made our day.  You need not list last names, just first.  Since most of use are pretty anomalous here, her first name should not give anything away, and in truth, for most of us, this was very long ago.  I will be first to set the tone.

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I'd actually get laid, though, and it would be with a different girl.  I fingered this girl for months but she wouldn't have sex with me- talk about a tease!

Anyway, her name was Suzie and she'll always have the distinction of being my "first tit in hand."

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Sandy, and she was so young she didn't even have a handful by any means.  Used to love those drive in movies....

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I so remember that back in high school.....in the 60's, that was a true touchdown so to speak....the "outdoor theater" and a wealth of conquests....ahhhh memories!

Late bloomer with girl exploration I was close to 18 and just a little drunk. Had an overnight at a girlfriends and we stripped to go to bed. I was skinny and flat chested while she was very well put together with D's already. We stood naked and she laughed and shook her breast in front of me asking me if I wanted to feel them. We laughed and I jumped her pushing us on the bed playing with those big boobs of hers. We snuggled and laughed and talked but no real action. Sorry guys !

Kisses Haley

Dated a cute gal in college. We were both from traditional backgrounds, neither with any prior "experience", and for months our making out consisted of holding hands and kissing. Then one day she put my hand on her breast, over her  blouse, and to this day, almost 50 years later, I remember the sudden surge of excitement I felt. Over time her blouse became regularly unbuttoned, her bra undone and my zipper zipped down to allow her access. In two years of dating, I Frequently fondled and sucked her beautiful breasts but I  never saw or touched her pussy, never had a blowjob (my first was only 2 years ago) and we never had sex. She eventually broke off and left me for someone else.
I was still a virgin when I got married, as was my wife!
That was the way it was for me in the 60s.  LOL

...but I discovered that her left one was almost a double nipple. Two distinct nubs but yet contained in one nipple...

I've not seen or felt another since then (that was back in high school in the early '70's).


We were both in college and spent a lot of time making out, it was in the 60's. I think it homecoming and we were in my car in a park once again making out. She put my hand on her breast, then opened her blouse, took her breast out of her bra and let me touch it. That was my first and I will never forget it. Thanks ChiefRedBeard for the mammaries.

...Pam. We were in Jr. high school. She was in the 7th grade I in the 9th. What can I say, she liked older men. Lol. We made out in her living room. I had my hand under her sweat shirt and under her bra. She wasn't very big at the time. But a couple more years and she had grown. Hers was the first pussy I felt too. It was through her panties. She was soaking wet. We went steady. ( Do you remember that?) Then broke up. Man she kissed good (well?)! We remain friends to this day. No, we never went beyond what I've reported here.

while we necked after a movie date in the 60's. Making out in a car was the thing to do back then.

Great thread, Chief. I haven't stopped thinking about what a wonderful experience it was to be 19 or 20 and holding a breast for the first time. It was her first time too. The memory had been growing and I can vividly recall what she said that first time she took her breast out for me and put my hand under it, with a warm, loving and reassuring smile.. We were both so nervous. Knowing that so many of our friends were already having sex, we talking alot about waiting  for marriage but  both wanted to do more than just kiss. Then it just happened one day in the car and thanks to this board, something I haven't thought about for years has become real again. :)

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