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I will try to simplify this for you..
Fit-2-Fuck 2957 reads

Hobbyists are on the receiving end of public blacklists. Their REAL NAMES and sometimes EMPLOYMENT are posted PUBLICLY for even lesser infractions and show up on Google search engines.
Is that clear? I hope so.

There is No site by hobbyists outing providers REAL NAMES to the PUBLIC. Is that clear? I hope so.

A hobbyist shouldn't be penalized PUBLICLY and have his life ruined by an unstable provider seeking revenge, hence the use of an alias to post those type of reviews.

Now, I don't condone BBFS, don't participate in it and think this entire issue is a big mistake by TER, and for the safety of everyone I hope it is retracted. Some things are meant to remain in the closet. This is one of them.

If everyone worries about their own safety, then the risks can be greatly minimized. If those who participate in it remain in the closet and off TER we will all be better off.

I would recommend that If BBFS is to be allowed in reviews, that the use of an alias not be allowed by the reviewer in that instance.

rough_sex4036 reads

Many girls will not see guys who do BBFS, so alias reviews are an absolute must.  Guys get blacklisted for the wrong color socks for crying out loud.

The point is unless there is some control on the reviewer it will be used as leverage over providers.

rough_sex3285 reads

Unless guys can use alias for BBFS reviews, girls will blacklist them from seeing other girls. Wake the fuck up. Many providers are nasty, unstable, and vindictive.  Your idea/suggestion sucks.

You have every right to have an opinion.

I happen to totally disagree with it.

Gee, you think? You want to partake in that activity, ONLY seek out ladies that offer it. Many providers are nasty & unstable??? Really.... but you're the one looking for a service that is equal to playing Russian Roulette, & we're the one's who are nasty & unstable, lol  

Just because it doesn't make the headlines in the news anymore, doesn't mean HIV & AIDS are not still prevalent ... in fact, do a Google search & you'll find that rates of infection have RISEN. In DC last year, only 20% of the population got tested for HIV... eye-opener? Did you know that the medications you have to take once you get infected runs at around $3500/month... for the rest of your life. Hope you have good health insurance.

Posted By: rough_sex
Unless guys can use alias for BBFS reviews, girls will blacklist them from seeing other girls. Wake the fuck up. Many providers are nasty, unstable, and vindictive.  Your idea/suggestion sucks.

i have to agree. Providers have been getting ridiculous with their vindictive tendencies

.......knowingly visit with a gentleman who partakes in BBFS.  Talk about a death wish!  I agree with Foody on this one; no alias's in reviews of ladies who offer BBFS.

Hugs and Kisses

Random_Provider5406 reads

Girls SHOULD have the option to decline appointments for ANY reason she sees fit. And it's usually some blacklisted dickhead who downplays the valid reasons for dickheads to be blacklisted.

Alias should not be allowed when posting or reviewing so that the community can make an informed decision as to who they want to see based on their activities.  IMOHO

With my bbfs investigations. Many of the ladies all ready know who is doing bbfs. They have infiltrated a lot of secret bbfs societies and websites out there. Some of those sites have no screening and anyone can join. This was manifested by a website that was created overseas with guys real names and business outed as doing bbfs. Many of the guys names were from an agency from Florida that got busted. I do know that the ladies maintain local bbfs DNS lists. If you happen to see a provider that is rumoured to being doing bbfs chances are you will be turned down by another provider that you want to see regular-less if you did bbfs with her or not.

Fit-2-Fuck5265 reads

There are already providers just waiting to blacklist hobbyists for posting BBFS reviews. Some of them will use hobbyist's personal information to post and out them.
Any hobbyist that posts a BBFS review under his real handle will be at great risk of getting outed.

You have to look at both sides, bro.

I understand. And I may not see both sides as you do.  

While I fully expect that there will be providers that put a hobbyist on their personal do not see list, I would agree that personal information outing is wrong.

There is truth to the fact that there are unstable girls who will blacklist/out a guy over nothing, and it is also true that there are unstable guys who will lie about a woman to get back at her for some real or imagined slight.  There is no way to really protect either side from nutcases.

I personally abhor aliases in all but the most unusual circumstances. If you haven't the balls to own what you say, you likely ought not be saying it.  I do not believe alias reviews are helpful.  Certainly, it gives gents the chance to tell the truth about a negative experience without risking being blacklisted/outed, but it also gives the unstable ones the means to carry out petty and vindictive revenge schemes.  Gents can say they disregard alias reviews all they want, but they still affect the overall scheme of lady's public presence (and I think it still factors into the lady's ranking in searches and Top Whatever lists).

As far as BBFS being a drop-down menu item, if there were any objective way of assuring the reader that the information is factual, I'd be all for it.  I never have, nor ever will, participate in such a thing but there is nothing to stop someone from doing a Problem Report and changing my profile to say that I do.  Even if it's there for a nanosecond, it can still negatively impact how others view me and thus negatively impact my income.  It would be quite a burden to have to check my profile multiple times daily to ensure someone with a vendetta hasn't decided to mess with me.  And the disservice they would do you other gents is just as bad.

If BBFS (or other activity she doesn't perform) is mentioned in the text of a review, as it stands now, the lady has to first be aware of this and secondly, attempt to remove the entire review as being "fake". Quite the task in most cases!  Many times girls try to remove reviews they deem "fake" and are unable to do so (why, I don't know).

I think a relatively simple change for TER to make would be to permit ladies ONE response to each review.  If the review said she did CBJ instead of BBBJ and her profile says BBBJ, she could respond that CBJ was needed for hygiene.  This would help you guys know more about what a lady offers/doesn't offer and why.  If a review states BBFS and she doesn't offer it, she would have the option to clearly state that this part of the review was untrue.  

Obviously, if there were more than one response allowed then things could degenerate into flame wars and that serves no one.  And if a lady responds to all reviews under whatever ranking she feels she warrants trying to badmouth the guy giving the review, you guys would get a feel for her personality and know that just as some reviewers can never be satisfied, some ladies will never be satisfied with less than X/X and rightly stay away from her.  But if a review comes out of no where stating she did X, Y and Z that she does not, she at least has the chance to respond and the readership can decide whom to believe.

We ALL take the chance. Even in personal lives there is no guarantee that who you're with is as careful as you might be.

I work in a Dentist's Office. Patients are NOT required by law to tell us of their infection status. In turn, we must treat EVERY patient like they are, therefore always being protected.

So knock off the "you're worse than me, providers are vindictive, I won't, I will CRAP.

Our little world isn't so different from the real one. ;)

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