TS Yasmin Lee
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How come no reviews?  She looks super hot and has a great clip up on right now.

Anyone have any experience?

find an advertisement to reference, so I couldn't provide a review.  At that time, a few years ago, I thought she was better looking than her pics.  She has an amazing body and a huge tool.  Surprisingly, she bottomed for me.  I didn't think she'd go there.  The only disappointments were:  no kissing and she wasn't going to cum no matter what.  She's also has some pretty high companionship rates.  I wouldn't visit her again because the entire session was just too mechanical but she was a hot TS with a huge tool.

I saw her in early 09' on her "Retirement Tour" in Tucson.
Amazing to say the least. As good or better than any pics. One of the things that I have always loved about Jasmin is the way she talks to her partner during sex. Great sultry voice. Very articulate and very precise about angles, tempo, depth and such without being mechanical. I had an awesome time writng what I htought was one of my best ever reviews only to not have it approved. I still read it occasionally as it is still in my profile.
She did bottom for me but my BJ was covered. She got really hard and looked every bit the pornstar she is.
I think it was $$$ or # and a half. Don't remember.
I didn't fall all over myself showering her with compliments but it is hard to be in her arms and not be taken back by her beauty.
Go for it. Good luck

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